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General Info Cost
Acquisition Anthropology Archaeology Astrometrics Biology Diplomacy
Engineer Exobiology Geology Honor Intelligence Law
Leadership Medical Navigation Officer Physics Programming
Science Security Telepathy Transporters Treachery
The first box is "Has", the second is "Does not have"
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CommodityConsumeCrimeDabo GirlDecayDissident
DroneFounderGathererGeneralGenetically EnhancedGlinn
GulHand WeaponHigh Council MemberHoloprogramHostInfiltration
RuleSenatorShape-shifterSmugglerSpecies 8472Temporal
[Cmd][Stf][Cmd] or [Stf]
[DS9][E][Maq][TN][TNG][Voy][TOS][DS9] or [E][TNG] or [E]
DilemmaEffects: Captures Damages Filters Kills Returns Stops Stops All Other Skill
Mission Span
Points Include 'Any'OR
Personnel Integrity Cunning Strength
Ships Range Weapons Shields
Collector InfoPrintable
Results (14) - Direct Link

[S] •Collect Omicron Particles
[DQ] 35
Astrometrics, Engineer, Leadership, Navigation, and Cunning>36
Nebula. When a ship is about to move between another [DQ] mission and this mission, subtract 1 from the Range required.
Unexplored Nebula: "Are you thinking we could collect the omicron particles to provide an additional anti-matter reserve?"
Any affiliation may attempt this mission.
Span 4
10 U 47
[S] •Contact Mysterious Benefactor
[AQ] 35
Engineer, 2 Physics, Treachery, and Cunning>36
Nebula. When your personnel complete this mission, if you command three or more different Temporal cards, score 5 points.
Helix near Paragon II: Apprise patrol of progress in timeline disruption.
Any affiliation (except [Bor]) may attempt this mission.
Span 4
28 V 19
[S] •Destroy Transwarp Hub
[DQ] 50
2 Engineer, Exobiology, Navigation, Physics, Programming, Security, and Cunning>48
Nebula. You may attempt and complete this mission for 35 points using your [Bor] personnel with these requirements: Engineer, Programming, 2 Security, and Cunning>34.
Grid 986: "It allows the Collective to deploy vessels almost anywhere…"
Any affiliation (except [Bor]) may attempt this mission.
Span 3
3 U 87
[S] •Evade Borg Vessel
[AQ] 35
Astrometrics, Leadership, Navigation, Officer, and Cunning>36
Nebula. You may attempt and complete this mission using your [Bor] personnel with these requirements: Astrometrics, Engineer, Physics, Security, and Cunning>34.
Paulson Nebula: "Should provide an effective screen against their sensors."
Any affiliation (except [Bor]) may attempt this mission.
Span 4
3 U 88
[H] •Founders' Homeworld, Home of the Great Link
[GQ] 0
You may play [Dom] cards, [NA] cards, and equipment at this mission.
Nebula. Region: Omarion Nebula.
Rogue planet in the Omarion Nebula: "The Solids feared our metamorphic abilities. So we were beaten, hunted, and killed. Finally, we arrived here. And here, safe in our isolation, we made our home."
Dominion Headquarters
Span 2
3 S 92
[S] •Gamma Erandi, Chart Nebula
[AQ] 35
Exobiology, Navigation, Physics, Transporters, and Cunning>34
Nebula. When you begin a mission attempt here, if you command two completed missions, reduce the attribute requirement of this mission by 5 until the end of the mission attempt.
"Initial scans of ionization patterns complete, sir."
Any affiliation may attempt this mission.
Span 4
36 V 19
[S] •Hugora Nebula, Border Crossing
[AQ] 30
Astrometrics, Navigation, Security, Treachery, and Cunning>34
Nebula. Region: Demilitarized Zone. This mission is worth 5 more points (limit 20) for each event on it.
Tournament Promo Series XVIII
[Baj] [Fed]
Span 4
0 VP 243
[S] •Instruct Advanced Drone
[DQ] 40
Anthropology, Diplomacy, Honor, Medical, Programming, and Integrity>35
Nebula. You may attempt and complete this mission using your [Bor] personnel with these requirements: Astrometrics, Engineer, Programming, Security, Transporters, and Cunning>40.
Proto-nebula: Instill values in a futuristic Borg accidentally created here.
Any affiliation (except [Bor]) may attempt this mission.
Span 3
3 U 95
[S] •Inversion Mystery
[DQ] 30
Astrometrics, Diplomacy, Engineer, and Cunning>28
Nebula. When you complete this mission, name a dilemma. When your personnel face that dilemma, you may prevent it and overcome it.
Inversion Nebula: "Astro-theory never predicted this would be so lovely. Beauty and mystery; a tantalizing combination."
Any affiliation may attempt this mission.
Span 4
16 V 29
[S] •Investigate Rumors
[GQ] 30
Astrometrics, Navigation, Science, and Cunning>30
Chamra Vortex: "There are millions of asteroids in it. I found this ‘stone’ on one of them. I could take you to it…"
[Baj] [Car] [Fed] [Rom]
Span 4
1 U 181
[S] •Mine Nebula
[AQ] 30
Engineer, 2 Navigation, Officer, and Cunning>31
Nebula. When you complete this mission, if you command three [Baj] personnel, score 5 points.
McCallister C-5 Nebula: "Every one of your ships has a mine on its belly, my finger’s on the button, and you’re in a very bad position."
[Baj] [Fed] [Kli] [Rom]
Span 4
2 U 101
[S] •Navigate Xindi Corridor
[AQ] 35
Astrometrics, Engineer, Science, a [Fut] personnel and Cunning>31
Nebula. Region: Delphic Expanse. When you move to your Region: Delphic Expanse mission, if this mission is completed, that mission is span -1.
Kovalaan Nebula: "The trip through the corridor only took a few seconds..."
Any affiliation may attempt this mission.
Span 3
14 U 58
[S] •Stage Bombardment
[GQ] 35
2 Leadership, Navigation, Officer, and Cunning>34
Nebula. Region: Omarion Nebula. You may attempt and complete this mission using your [Dom] personnel with these requirements: Intelligence, 2 Leadership, Treachery, and Cunning>32.
Omarion Nebula: Lead an armada in a covert strike against the Dominion.
[Car] [Rom]
Span 4
3 U 106
[S] •Stage Covert Fleet
[GQ] 40
2 Leadership, Navigation, 2 Security, and (Cunning>38 or Strength>38)
Nebula. When you are about to play a [Dom] personnel at your Founders' Homeworld, if this mission is complete, you may discard the top card of your deck to play that personnel on your [Dom] ship.
Interstellar nebula: "You think they're planning to attack the Alpha Quadrant?"
Span 3
26 V 26