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Trekcc Second Edition
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What You Leave Behind In A Mirror Darkly These Are The Voyages Genesis Captain's Log Dangerous Missions Adversaries Collection To Boldly Go Strange New Worlds Archive Portrait Reflections 2.0 Fractured Time Tenth Anniversary Collection Necessary Evil Call to Arms Energize Second Edition Promo Cards
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General Info Cost
Acquisition Anthropology Archaeology Astrometrics Biology Diplomacy
Engineer Exobiology Geology Honor Intelligence Law
Leadership Medical Navigation Officer Physics Programming
Science Security Telepathy Transporters Treachery
The first box is "Has", the second is "Does not have"
AdmiralAlphaArtifactAssassinAssaultBajoran Resistance
BluegillCadetCaptureChancellorChefCloaking Device
CommanderCommodityConsumeCrimeDabo GirlDecay
DissidentDroneFounderGathererGeneralGenetically Enhanced
GlinnGulHand WeaponHarbingerHigh Council MemberHoloprogram
Species 8472TemporalThiefThink TankTsunkatseVedek
[Cmd][Stf][Cmd] or [Stf]
[DS9][E][Maq][TN][TNG][Voy][TOS][DS9] or [E][TNG] or [E]
DilemmaEffects: Captures Damages Filters Kills Returns Stops Stops All Other Skill
Mission Span
Points Include 'Any'OR
Personnel Integrity Cunning Strength
Ships Range Weapons Shields
Collector InfoPrintable
Results (14) - Direct Link

[Eve] 1 Dark Dissension
Paranoia. Plays in your core. Your [TN] ships are each Weapons +1 and Shields -1. Your [TN] personnel are each Integrity -1 and Cunning +1.
"Our men need to see that we're still allies. Smile, Dukat."
49 V 15
[Eve] 2 Desperate Counter
Paranoia. Plays in your core. Your [E] ships are attributes +1. While an opponent's personnel is at your mission, your personnel at that mission are attributes -1.
"We've known they were coming for over a year. We've thrown every resource we have into this, but still..."
40 V 11
[Eve] 1 •Hollow Hospitality
Paranoia. Plays in your core. Your non-Treachery personnel cannot gain skills (except Treachery). Each of your [DS9] personnel and [E] personnel are Strength +1.
"Jake, get them a menu... I would recommend the Shrimp Creole."
31 V 15
[Int] Homicidal Expedient
Paranoia. When an opponent plays an event or interrupt, kill your Dissident personnel at Luna to prevent that event or interrupt and place it in its owner's discard pile.
"Green euthanized hundreds or thousands who were afflicted with radiation damage. Their millions of descendants would've endured horrible disease, yet history - history never says anything about that suffering that Green prevented."
48 V 6
[Eve] 0 Humanity's Worst Enemy
Decay: 2. (When there are two cards on this event, destroy it.)  Paranoia. Plays in your core. While no opponent commands a ship at a Region: Sector 001 mission, each of your [SF] Dissident personnel is Cunning +1 and Strength +1. At the start of your turn, place the top card of your deck on this event.
"Her name is Elizabeth."
48 V 4
[Int] I Won't Miss Him
Paranoia. When the opponent on your right begins a mission attempt, you may discard two cards from hand (or destroy your Paranoia event) to draw one extra dilemma and spend one extra in total cost on dilemmas for each of your missions with a dilemma beneath it. Remove this interrupt from the game.
"I want the Cardassians exterminated."
52 V 5
[Int] Immoral Choice
Paranoia. When one of your [E] Treachery personnel or Son'a is about to be killed by a dilemma, kill one of your [NA] Honor personnel on a planet to stop them instead.
"Jean-Luc, we are only moving six hundred people."
55 V 13
[Eve] 0 •In Your Face
Paranoia. Plays in your core. When an opponent's personnel complete a mission, you may destroy this event and kill one of your Treachery personnel to download an Assault or Maneuver event.
"The Federation will never know what happened here."
55 V 7
[Eve] 1 •Martial Law
Paranoia. Plays in your core. Your ships may not move to or from Earth.
Order - Stop your [Fed][DS9] personnel at your Earth to draw a card (limit three per turn).
At Admiral Leyton and Captain Sisko's behest, Federation President Jaresh-Inyo gave Starfleet Security the authority to fortify Earth's defenses in response to the Founder threat.
31 V 17
[Int] Paradise Lost
Paranoia. To play this interrupt, you must command two Paranoia events. When an event or interrupt is played, randomly destroy one of your Paranoia events to prevent that event or interrupt and place it in its owner's discard pile. Then, if you command three or more Admiral personnel, shuffle this card into your deck.
"That report could cause us a lot of trouble."
45 V 5
[Eve] 1 Peaceful Coexistence
Paranoia. Plays in your core. Each unique non-Bluegill [TNG] personnel you own (except Androids and Holograms) gains Bluegill. Each of your Bluegill personnel are Integrity -1 and Strength +1.
The alien parasite bore a striking resemblance to the Trill symbiont in its ability to combine its physiology with its host. Unlike the Trill, the parasite could be separated without killing its host, and it completely subsumed its host's consciousness while joined.
31 V 18
[Eve] 2 •Power Loss
Paranoia. Plays in your core. You may only begin one mission attempt each turn.
Order - Stop your [E] Treachery personnel to unstop each of your stopped [DS9] personnel. You may do this only once each turn.
"Mister President, there are people all over this planet right now huddled in the dark, terrified about what might happen next."
31 V 19
[Eve] 2 •Terra Prime Forever
Paranoia. Plays on your Mars. While your [SF] Dissident personnel is facing a dilemma, if there are no non-Human personnel at a Region: Sector 001 mission, he or she is excluded from random selections.
"A new era is at hand, an era that will expose the concept of interspecies unity as an absolute and vicious lie ... As of this moment, mankind casts off the shackles of alien interference and now determines its own fate."
48 V 5
[Int] The Big Picture
Paranoia. When your Admiral is facing a dilemma that requires a skill, destroy your Paranoia event to replace all levels of that skill in that dilemma's requirements with 2 Treachery.
"I think you've lost your perspective, Captain. We'll discuss this further when you return. For now, I'm giving you a direct order to withdraw."
40 V 20