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Second Edition
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Attempt and Complete


Missions or other cards which give missions alternate requirements will often contain the phrase "attempt and complete." If the "attempt and complete" has a requirement (such as a personnel of a specific affiliation) then meeting that requirement is mandatory at the beginning of the attempt and at the time of the completion.

If a card that allows personnel to "attempt and complete" somehow leaves play during the mission attempt, then that attempt can no longer complete using the alternate requirements and will fail per Rulebook page 12, "If you use game text to attempt a mission, you must use that same game text in its entirety to complete it."

Applicable Cards: Are You Offering Me ... a Bribe?; Expand the Collective; For the Cause; Assist Cloaked Ship; Camping Trip; Ceti Alpha V, Find Lifeless World; Destroy Transwarp Hub; Escape Gulag; Evade Borg Vessel; Evade Dominion Squadron; Expose Changeling Influence; Extract Defector; Farius Prime, Political Intrigue; Gather Information; Harness Omega Particle; Identify Temporal Disturbance; Instruct Advanced Drone; Investigate Alleged Murder; Investigate Stalled Ship; Navigate Argolis Cluster; Obtain Vaccine; Peaceful Contact; Plot Invasion; Protect the Escapees; Rescue Prisoners of War; Restock Ketracel-White; Stage Bombardment; Study Rare Phenomenon; The Siege of AR-558; Torga IV, Salvage Dominion Ship; Javert, Maquis Flagship; U.S.S. Enterprise-A, Olive Branch;