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Second Edition
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Stopping Your Own Personnel


Since selecting a personnel to be stopped and stopping a personnel are two separate dilemma actions, you may use game text to stop a personnel even if that personnel has already been selected to be stopped by a dilemma.

For example: Distraction requires you to choose one or more personnel to be stopped, but has no penalty for failing to stop them. So, you could choose Zorn, Prevaricating Groppler to be stopped by the dilemma and then use his ability.

For example: Rachel Garrett, Displaced Captain is one of three personnel randomly selected by Moral Choice. She is Federation so all three personnel would be stopped. You may use Minuet to stop Rachel Garrett between the dilemma's actions of selecting personnel and stopping them, to prevent her game text triggering. (The remaining two personnel would still be stopped by the dilemma.)

Applicable Cards: Arik Soong, Father of Many; Charles Tucker III, Chief Engineer; Minuet, Jazz Lover; T'Jon, Felicium Addict; The Sirah, The Storyteller; Ulis, Unidentified Pirate; Upexi; Wesley Crusher, Apprentice Traveler; Zorn, Prevaricating Groppler;