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Second Edition
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Pending Effects


Text activated before a personnel or ship in question was stopped still has its effect regardless of whether that personnel or ship was stopped. An effect that is already pending on a personnel or ship is not cancelled just because that personnel or ship has been stopped.

A pending effect will not affect cards that leave play before the pending effect is resolved.

NOTE: This ruling does not affect Quark's Shuttle (were it to leave play) as that ability affects a player and not a card (i.e. a player using its ability would still lose the game at the end of his or her extra turn even if he or she did not command Quark's Treasure at that time).

Applicable Cards: Hard Time; Journey to the Past; Where No One Has Gone Before; Brief Reunion; Life Support; Cluttering Irrelevancies; Imperial Entanglements; Ikat'ika, Honorable Warrior; Lal, Beloved; Michael Eddington, Loyal Leader; Quark's Treasure, Sabotaged Shuttle;