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Second Edition
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Returning Dilemmas


Whenever dilemmas are returned to a dilemma pile, they are returned face-up to the bottom of the dilemma pile unless specified otherwise.

Applicable Cards: A Devil Scorned; A Klingon Matter; A Royal Hunt; Adopted Authority; Alien Encounter; Alluring Spy; Anachronistic Deviation; Assassin's Blade; Authenticate Artifacts; Automated Weapons; B'omar Stipulations; Bold Plan; Bread and Circuses; Bynars' Password; Captain's Holiday; Code Forty-Seven; Console Overload; Contamination; Coordinated Effort; Damaged Reputation; Dangerous Climb; Dangerous Liaisons; Debris Field; Depression; Dignitaries and Witnesses; DNA Analysis; DNA Security Scan; Drumhead; Echo Papa Attack; Failure To Communicate; Final Adventure; Financial Pitfall; Flim-Flam Artist; Forced Into Labor; Full Complement; Gravitational Anomaly; Harried and Harassed; Healing Hand; Honorable Pursuit; Houdini Mines; Indecent Proposal; Inside Collaborators; Juxtaposition; Lack of Preparation; Maglock; Meaningless Modifications; Microbrain; Miner Disagreement; None Shall Pass; Nonlinear Existence; Occupational Hazards; Oh No!; Ornaran Threat; Overwhelmed; Planetary Survey; Polywater Intoxication; Predictable Response; Primitive Culture; Quaint Technology; Quarren Labor Shortage; Recurring Injury; Rogue Borg Ship; Setting the Stage; Sheer Lunacy; Short Circuit; Sokath, His Eyes Uncovered!; Stellar Core Fragment; Stone-cold Bluff; Subterranean Barrier; Systems Diagnostic; Telepathic Deception; Tense Negotiations; The Clown: Bitter Medicine; The Clown: Guillotine; The Dal'Rok; The Seen and the Unseen; Timescape; Tormented Dreams; Unknown Microorganism; Unorthodox Recruitment; Unscientific Method; Urgency; Vanishing Act; Vastly Outnumbered; Vault of Tomorrow; Warm Welcome; Wavefront; Zero Hour; Tox Uthat; Cutting the Strings; Favor the Bold; Field Report; Parallel Course; Reliving the Past; Self-Replicating Roadblock; Ambitious Intellect; Analyze; Calculated Concession; Essential Regrets; Event Horizon; Helen Noel, Enterprise Psychiatrist; Masaro, Idealistic Saboteur; Sybok, Fanatical Missionary; Wesley Crusher, Apprentice Traveler;