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Second Edition
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Dilemmas Affecting Ships


During a mission attempt at a space mission, a dilemma that references "your ship" means the ship that your personnel involved in the mission attempt are aboard, unless that dilemma says otherwise.

Applicable Cards: Aggressive Behavior; Alternatives to Fighting; Breached; Brink of War; Caretaker's Wave; Covert Insertion; Crippling Attack; Gomtuu Shock Wave; Gravimetric Distortion; Graviton Ellipse; Greater Needs; Hazardous Materials; Macrovirus; Molecular Reversion Field; Mr. Tricorder; Nanite Attack; Prefix Codes; Quantum Filament; Rogue Borg Ship; Sabotaged Reactor; Stolen Computer Core; Subspace Fracture; Surface Defense; Symbalene Blood Burn; Sympathetic Magic; Terminal Resignation; The Three Vipers; Thermokinetic Explosion; V'Ger; Where No One Has Gone Before;