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Second Edition
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Dilemmas requiring an additional or another personnel


Dilemma game text that requires a player to stop/kill/etc. an "additional" or "another" personnel (or a personnel "instead") is not dependent on the successful application of the initial action. Furthermore, any personnel who remains in the mission attempt following the first action is eligible to be chosen for the second.

Ex. Necessary Execution reads "Your opponent chooses a personnel to be killed. If you do not command a completed space mission, he or she chooses an additional personnel to be killed." If the first personnel is prevented from being killed, he or she remains an eligible selection for the second kill.

Applicable Cards: A Royal Hunt; A Taste of Armageddon; Assassin Team; Bio-neural Computer Core; Broken Link; Cardassian Processing; Cargo Pirates; Casualties; Charged-Particle Precipitation; Compassionate Interference; Covert Ambush; Disgraceful Assault; Exposed Power Relay; Family; Helpless; Hull Breach; Interstellar Exigence; Its Thinking is Chaotic; Last Gasp; Maquis Vendetta; Misguided Activist; Necessary Execution; Not Quite Domesticated Pets; Opportunity for Profit; Ornaran Threat; Psionic Attack; Restricted Area; Security Weapons; Shields Up!; Show Trial; Simulated Prey; The Secret War; Time for Action; Toe to Toe; Unbelievable Emergency; Unexpected; Unsound Logic; Your Moment is Fading;