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Second Edition
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Accelerate Aging and Adding Skills


When a personnel gains a skill that is not printed on his or her card, that skill is not inserted anywhere into that personnel's listed skills and is therefore unaffected by Accelerated Aging.

However, if a personnel gains an additional level of a printed skill he or she already has, that printed skill can still be affected by Accelerated Aging.

Example: William T. Riker, Exchange Officer is attempting a mission where Accelerated Aging is in play. If he were to gain Acquisition using his ability, this skill would be unaffected by Accelerated Aging since that is not one of his printed skills. However, if he were to gain Anthropology, he would still be unable to use that skill due to Accelerated Aging. In this situation, Riker would have a useless "2 Anthropology" instead of simply a useless "Anthropology".

Applicable Cards: Accelerated Aging;