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Second Edition
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Dilemmas With Conditional Requirements


When a dilemma's requirements necessitate checking a previously determined condition, if the previously determined condition is absent or not-applicable that value is considered to be "None" or if numerical, Zero. The requirements are not void because a previous condition was not established.

Example: If a Player A is facing Nonlinear Existence and his opponent has no cards in his or her discard pile, there is no way for Player A to discard "the same card type" from hand since none was established in the first half of the dilemma. Therefore Player A would randomly select a personnel to be stopped and Nonlinear Existence would return to its owner's dilemma pile.

Example: If player A is facing Gorgan and his opponent does not discard a card from hand, then the value of the dilemma's requirements default to "zero." Player A then must discard any card with cost 0 or higher to pass the dilemmas.

Applicable Cards: Code Forty-Seven; Gorgan; Healing Hand; Honorable Pursuit; Memory Invasion; Nonlinear Existence; You Vant to Go Back?;