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Second Edition
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Alpha 5 Approach


This mission does not list any specific skills in its printed requirements. When another card's gametext references its requirements, no specific skills may be named, chosen, gained, subtracted or required based upon TCS's requirements, because no specific skills are printed in its gametext. Only cards which copy the requirements of the mission completely (i.e. Lack of Preparation or War Games) may reference its requirements.

TCS also cannot trigger gametext that references specific skills in its requirements, such as a "mission requiring Biology", as Biology is not printed in its requirements. While it does require 16 different skills, it is not considered to require any specific skill because none are printed in its default requirements.

When a skill requirement is added to TCS's requirements, it is treated separately from the printed 16 skill requirement. Since the mission requires players to select the 16 different skills used at the time of completion, should a player select one of the appended skills as part of their 16, TCS will now require two of that skill.

Example: If Player A were to play Spatial Reconfiguration on TCS and name “Delphic Expanse” and then name the same when playing Wixiban, he would be unable to gain skills from the mission because none are printed in its requirements.

Example: If Player A is attempting TCS with Cargo Run on it, Acquisition must be either one of the 16 different skills used to meet TCS's requirements (in which case he or she would need a 2nd Acquisition for Cargo Run), or Player A must have an Acquisition to meet Cargo Run's requirements without using that Acquisition to meet TCS's requirement of 16 different skills.

Applicable Cards: Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash Survivor;