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Second Edition
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Exchanges require that both sides of the exchange be available. To exchange any number of cards, there must be the requisite number in both places. For example, if you had no cards remaining in your deck, you could not exchange a card with the top card of your deck.

Applicable Cards: Multidimensional Transporter Device; Orb of Prophecy and Change; Rule of Acquisition #141; Seeing Double; Straying from the Path; The Trial Never Ended; Borum, Selfless Hero; Founder Leader, Single-Minded; Ishka, Moogie; Observation Drone; Quark, Cordial Host; Rom, Professional Soldier; Seven of Nine, Efficient Analyst; Telle, Macet's Aide; Worf, Conn Officer; Worf, First Officer; Yelgrun, Blunt Negotiator; Khazara;