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Second Edition
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Dilemmas with Variable Skills


Requirements (i.e. in bold) that specify a certain quantity or diversity of skills are skill requirements even if these do not specifically name one of game's 23 different skills. Dilemmas with such requirements may not be acted upon as "non-skill" dilemmas.

For example: If a player was facing Lack of Preparation at Transport Crash Survivors, the requirements of the dilemma would be 16 different skills and he or she could not use Donatra, Honorable Commander to overcome that dilemma.

For example: If a player was facing Legacy and his or her opponent revealed Counterinsurgency Program from his or her dilemma pile, Counterinsurgency Program would count as a skill dilemma.

Applicable Cards: "Rapid Progress"; A Taste of Armageddon; All-Consuming Evil; Broken Captive; Compromised Tactics; Counterinsurgency Program; Dead Ringer; Dead Weight; Dumb Waiter; Helpless; In-Fighting; Lack of Preparation; Pawn Against Pawn; Put to the Screws; Simulated Prey; Staffing Shortage; The Next Phase; Time for Action; Unwanted Guests; War Games;