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Second Edition
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Modifying Victory Conditions


Modifications to victory conditions affect all victory conditions (rulebook or gametext).

Cards which affect victory conditions (i.e. Causal Recursion, Phoenix) only affect the requirements for a player to end the game via its "normal" victory conditions (or via cards that provide alternate victory conditions, i.e. The Long Journey Home.) They do not affect the scoring of games that end due to time or a mutual deckout.

For example: If a player had completed Terrasphere 8 and had 8 Species 8472 dilemmas in his opponent's core, but his opponent had an undamaged Phoenix at a non-headquarters mission, he would need at least 10 points to win the game.

Applicable Cards: Causal Recursion; Pivotal Destiny; The Long Journey Home; To Rule in Hell; Alsuran Sector, Utilize Abandoned Relay Station; Terrasphere 8, Starfleet Command Re-creation; Phoenix, Risen From the Ashes;