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Second Edition
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Downloading to Alternate Locations


When multiple cards instruct a player to place a downloaded card somewhere other than in hand (i.e. at a mission, on top of deck), these will resolve in the normal order of response actions. Moving the card to a location other than hand will not affect its final destination. Example: A player downloads a ship per the text of Commandeer Prototype. His opponent has Bo'rak, Klingon Intelligence Agent in play. In this case, the card will go to the top of that player's deck and then into play at Commandeer Prototype.

Applicable Cards: Assist Rescue Operation; Covert Insertion; Deuterium Plunderers; Rogue Borg Ship; Thermokinetic Explosion; Brief Reunion; Call of the Nagus; Conscription; Good Shepherd; Quark's Advice; The Edge of Forever; You've Always Been My Favorite; Symbol of Devotion; Caretaker's Array; Commandeer Prototype; Kar-telos Asteroid Belt, Salvage Wreckage; Kreetassa, Perform Intricate Ritual; Mars, Orpheus Mining Facility; Navigate Minefield; Retrieve Materiel; Arctus Baran, Treasure Seeker; Bareil Antos, Opaka's Protector; Benjamin Sisko, Man of Two Worlds; Bo'rak, Klingon Intelligence Agent; Chakotay, First Officer; Charles Tucker III, Horse Trader; Charles Whatley, Professional Admiral; Gelnon, Aloof Tactician; Hikaru Sulu, Cunning Tactician; Ibboko, Kreetassan Chancellor; Jaresh-Inyo, Federation President; Khan Noonien Singh, Superior Sleeper; Kira Nerys, Iliana Ghemor; Laavros, Kreetassan Civil Servant; Leeta, Devoted Wife; Leeta, Enticing Rebel; Paxton Reese, Stellar Cartographer; Quark, Lumba; Quark, Practical Apologist; Quark, Simple Barkeep; Quark, True Ferengi; Quark, Vastly Outnumbered; Reconnaissance Drone; Valkris, Loyalty Unshaken; Weyoun, Dominion Representative; Yedrin Dax, Heir Apostate; I.K.S. Ning'tao; Kaza'kime, Effective Demonstration; U.S.S. Prometheus, Experimental Prototype; U.S.S. Prometheus, Stolen Prototype;