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Second Edition
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The watchlist represents a list of cards that the errata team is currently monitoring in the tournament environment to ensure that they're functioning the way that they were designed, without causing undesirable interactions or unbalanced situations. If you have any recent experiences with these cards, and reason that you believe either they should be changed, or they should be left as they currently are, please send that feedback to Tjark Ott (tjark).

Current Watch List
Card NameDate AddedReason it's being Watched
Legal Proceedings2022-06-17Monitored for combo with Samuel T. Cogley / Assess Contamination
Samuel T. Cogley, Attorney at Law2022-06-17Monitored for combo with legal proceedings / Assess Contamination
The Clown: Go Away2022-06-14Monitored - Not going away in Combo with Omag, Fat Ferengi
Accelerated Aging2022-03-16Monitored - "at the end of turn"
Devos II, Secure Son'a Outpost2022-03-16Monitored minimal attempts / points - attribute relation
To Rule in Hell2022-02-07Monitored functioning the way that the card was designed (new version in playtest)
Ceti Alpha V, Forge Settlement2022-02-05Monitored to be changed to prevent lockouts by - Sela, Mysterious Operative, Omag, "Fat Ferengi" etc. (new version in playtest)
Joaquin, Superhuman Lieutenant2022-02-05Monitored lockouts by - Sela, Mysterious Operative, Omag, "Fat Ferengi" etc. (new version in/going to playtest)
Survey New World2022-02-05Monitored minimal attempts / points - attribute relation
Cardassia Prime, Subjugated Planet2021-09-18Monitored for concerns about excessive card draws.
Macrovirus2021-04-11Concerns about excessive kills in combination with draw Interrupts such as Defend It and Hope, Stunning Reversal and Fajo's Menagerie
U.S.S. Relativity, Federation Timeship2020-12-07undercosted cards, access to all [Fed] personnel
Pattern Loss2020-06-01Monitored for combos no dilemma going under - game progress - time
Underlying Influence2020-06-01Monitored for combos no dilemma going under - game progress - time