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Second Edition
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The watchlist represents a list of cards that the errata team is currently monitoring in the tournament environment to ensure that they're functioning the way that they were designed, without causing undesirable interactions or unbalanced situations. If you have any recent experiences with these cards, and reason that you believe either they should be changed, or they should be left as they currently are, please send that feedback to Tjark Ott (tjark).

Current Watch List
Card NameDate AddedReason it's being Watched
Pattern Loss2020-06-01Monitored for combos no dilemma going under - game progress - time
Underlying Influence2020-06-01Monitored for combos no dilemma going under - game progress - time
Code of the Ushaan2020-03-25Interactions with cards allowing additional counters
Imperial Occupation2020-03-25Beginning combat or engagement without paying costs
Invasion Plans2020-03-25Beginning combat or engagement without paying costs
Molecular Reversion Field2020-03-25Unlimited counter reduction.
Strategic Tug-of-War2020-03-25extensive card draws, placing cards in combo with Invasion plans etc.
Shuttlepod Two, Landing Craft2020-03-01Range reduction leading to unlimited movement.
Tribunal Sentencing2020-03-01Unlimited counter reduction.
Unsavory Customers2020-03-01Unlimited counter reduction.