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Bajoran Borg Cardassian Dominion Federation Ferengi Hirogen Imperial Starfleet Kazon KCA Klingon Maquis Non-Aligned Romulan Starfleet Terran Vidiian Vulcan

(Results reflect the previous 6 months worth of data; Updated nightly)
Top 5 missions
(across 24 decks)
Cardname# Decks
Visit Parallel Universe18
Mine Dilithium17
Disrupt Alliance16
Observe Spatial Coordinates14
Secure Supply Lines12
Top 5 dilemmas
(across 24 decks)
Cardname# Copies# Decks
Quantum Leap2014
Denevan Neural Parasites1813
Dead End1313
Eminian Disintegration Protocol1912
Rules of Obedience1812
Top 10 non-dilemma seed cards
(across 24 decks)
Cardname# Copies# Decks
Q's Tent2020
Assign Mission Specialists1919
Terran Outpost1919
Halkan Council1414
Alternate Universe Door1313
Defend Homeworld1212
Temporal Conduit1111
Study Divergent History1111
Taking Charge99
Top 10 draw cards
(across 24 decks)
Cardname# Copies# Decks
Chief Surgeon McCoy1515
I.S.S. Constitution3014
Comm Officer Uhura1414
Marlena Moreau1414
Chief Engineer Scott1414
Classic Medical Tricorder1414
Classic Type II Phaser1913
Classic Tricorder1313

Deck Size Information
Largest Deck197
   60 - 691
   70 - 790
   80 - 899
   90 - 991
   100 - 1091
   110 - 1192
   120 - 1294
   130 - 1391
   140 - 1492
   150 - 1590
   160 - 1691
   170 - 1791
   180 - 1890
   190 - 1991

Tournament Deck Statistics
AffiliationAll TournamentsLvl 2+ Events
# Played# WinnersWin %# Played# WinnersWin %

Terran Decks11654.55%500%

Public Decklists
TerranObjects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appearby Thomas V
"I guess you could say we just stepped through the looking glass."
Download Into DeckPADDPrint DecklistCopy Deck
TerranTerrain Empire with Jean-Lucby Nathan Flaming
TOS EMPIRE in all its glory traveling to the 24th century to reclaim what they lost. Built by Brian Sykes. I wanted to play a mirror universe empire deck, and wanted to use Jean-Luc shenanigans.
Download Into DeckPADDPrint DecklistCopy Deck
FerengiTerranDs9 Feds sdeF 9sDby Kevin Jaeger
Deck from my YouTube video on 7/14/24
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