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Bajoran Borg Cardassian Dominion Federation Ferengi Hirogen Imperial Starfleet Kazon KCA Klingon Maquis Non-Aligned Romulan Starfleet Terran Vidiian Vulcan

(Results reflect the previous 6 months worth of data; Updated nightly)
Top 5 missions
(across 15 decks)
Cardname# Decks
Disrupt Alliance11
Mine Dilithium9
Observe Spatial Coordinates8
Enlistment Drive8
Incapacitate Inhabitants5
Top 5 dilemmas
(across 15 decks)
Cardname# Copies# Decks
Dead End109
Friendly Fire128
Quantum Leap86
Rules of Obedience86
Assimilated Vessel66
Top 10 non-dilemma seed cards
(across 15 decks)
Cardname# Copies# Decks
Study Divergent History1111
Taking Charge1010
Q's Tent99
Assign Mission Specialists88
Terran Outpost88
Reshape the Quadrant77
Halkan Council77
Defend Homeworld77
Protect the Timeline77
Temporal Conduit77
Top 10 draw cards
(across 15 decks)
Cardname# Copies# Decks
Terran Flagship: Predator109
Reap All the Glory99
Space-Time Portal158
Fear Will Keep Them in Line148
Security Chief Sulu87
Mr. Tuvok87
Chief Surgeon McCoy77
Chief Navigator Chekov77
Comm Officer Uhura77

Deck Size Information
Largest Deck168
   60 - 692
   70 - 790
   80 - 890
   90 - 995
   100 - 1093
   110 - 1190
   120 - 1291
   130 - 1390
   140 - 1490
   150 - 1590
   160 - 1691

Tournament Deck Statistics
AffiliationAll TournamentsLvl 2+ Events
# Played# WinnersWin %# Played# WinnersWin %

Terran Decks5360%4250%
Terran / Maquis11100%00

Public Decklists
TerranGorn Contenderby Michael Van Breemen
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