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Bajoran Borg Cardassian Dominion Federation Ferengi Hirogen Imperial Starfleet Kazon KCA Klingon Maquis Non-Aligned Romulan Starfleet Terran Vidiian Vulcan

(Results reflect the previous 6 months worth of data; Updated nightly)
Top 5 missions
(across 7 decks)
Cardname# Decks
Monitor Population7
Observe Spatial Coordinates5
Sabotage Biosphere4
Mine Dilithium4
Disrupt Alliance4
Top 5 dilemmas
(across 7 decks)
Cardname# Copies# Decks
Rules of Obedience97
Quantum Leap86
Friendly Fire76
Dead End55
Misinterpreted History55
Top 10 non-dilemma seed cards
(across 7 decks)
Cardname# Copies# Decks
Taking Charge77
22nd-Century Japan77
Assign Mission Specialists66
Defend Homeworld66
Q's Tent55
Protect the Timeline55
Temporal Conduit55
Halkan Council44
Temporal Micro-Wormhole44
Imperial Intimidation33
Top 10 draw cards
(across 7 decks)
Cardname# Copies# Decks
Crewman D'Vela137
Fear Will Keep Them in Line107
Admiral Black107
Captain Forrest97
I.S.S. Enterprise NX-0197
Crewman Soval87
Chief Surgeon Phlox77
Commander T'Pol77
Chief Engineer Tucker77
Corporal Scott136

Deck Size Information
Largest Deck160
   60 - 690
   70 - 790
   80 - 891
   90 - 991
   100 - 1092
   110 - 1192
   120 - 1290
   130 - 1390
   140 - 1490
   150 - 1590
   160 - 1691

Tournament Deck Statistics
AffiliationAll TournamentsLvl 2+ Events
# Played# WinnersWin %# Played# WinnersWin %

Imperial Starfleet Decks11100%00

Public Decklists
TerranImperial StarfleetThe Rise and Fall (and Rise) of the Terran Empireby Rogue Shindler
Using Kaiser's crazy Beta XII draw engine to play TE cards at all the different reporting locations.
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