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Dominion Basics (Part 1 of 5): Affiliation Introduction
Dominion Basics (Part 2 of 5): Play and Draw Engines
Dominion Basics (Part 3 of 5): Dominion Deck Types
Dominion Basics (Part 4 of 5): Son'a, Breen, and Dominion Holograms
Dominion Basics (Part 5 of 5): Mission Solving and Multi Quadrant Expansion

(Results reflect the previous 6 months worth of data; Updated nightly)
Top 5 missions
(across 18 decks)
Cardname# Decks
Reopen Trade Discussions6
Construct Depot5
Internment Operations5
Attend Royal Function4
Clash at Chin'toka4
Top 5 dilemmas
(across 18 decks)
Cardname# Copies# Decks
Dead End99
Rules of Obedience86
Denevan Neural Parasites64
Top 10 non-dilemma seed cards
(across 18 decks)
Cardname# Copies# Decks
Reshape the Quadrant1111
Q's Tent99
Defend Homeworld88
Dominion War Efforts77
Assign Support Personnel66
New Arrivals66
Internment Camp 37166
The Great Link55
Top 10 draw cards
(across 18 decks)
Cardname# Copies# Decks
Remote Supply Depot1312
Jem'Hadar Disruptor Rifle129
Lovok Founder128
Founder Leader128
Bashir Founder98
Jem'Hadar Warship147
Martok Founder107

Deck Size Information
Largest Deck214
   60 - 691
   70 - 790
   80 - 891
   90 - 993
   100 - 1091
   110 - 1194
   120 - 1292
   130 - 1392
   140 - 1490
   150 - 1592
   160 - 1690
   170 - 1790
   180 - 1890
   190 - 1990
   200 - 2090
   210 - 2191

Tournament Deck Statistics
AffiliationAll TournamentsLvl 2+ Events
# Played# WinnersWin %# Played# WinnersWin %

Dominion Decks9222.22%3266.67%
Dominion / Cardassian100%00
Dominion / Ferengi200%00

Public Decklists
DominionDS9 Dominion Starter Deckby The Gamma Quadrant Design Team
This is the decklist for the Dominion DS9 Starter Deck. If you're inputting a sealed deck tournament decklist, you can use it as a starting template.
Download Into DeckPADDPrint DecklistCopy Deck
DominionAlpha_Dominion_Challenge.txtby Brian Sykes
Download Into DeckPADDPrint DecklistCopy Deck
DominionHow do you do fellow kids? Im also from your Quadrant and am interested in going on field trip!by Kevin Jaeger
Infiltrate and send them into a bad mission
Download Into DeckPADDPrint DecklistCopy Deck
BajoranCardassianDominionFederationArtProjectby barabaskid
Download Into DeckPADDPrint DecklistCopy Deck
DominionConstruction Still In Progressby Brian S
Please ignore the dust.
Download Into DeckPADDPrint DecklistCopy Deck