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Affiliation HQ
Bajoran Borg Cardassian Dominion DS9 DS9-Earth Ferengi Hell's Heart KCA Klingon Maquis Non-Aligned Relativity Romulan Starfleet Terok Nor TNG TOS Voyager

(Results reflect the previous 6 months worth of data; Updated nightly)
Top 5 missions
(across 26 decks)
Cardname# Decks
Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash Survivor10
Gateway, Historical Research7
Settle Holographic Colony7
Liberate Photonic Servants5
Pegasus Search3
Top 5 dilemmas
(across 26 decks)
Cardname# Copies# Decks
Adopted Authority2613
Chula: The Chandra2511
The Weak Will Perish2311
Chula: The Game217
More of Gravy Than of Grave208
Top 10 draw cards
(across 26 decks)
Cardname# Copies# Decks
Holodeck Arch217
Tacking Into the Wind2013
Iden, Lustrous Demagogue207
Olarra, Chariot of Light186
Photons Be Free157
The Devil, Fearsome Illusion157
The Doctor, Brilliant Template157
Cluttering Irrelevancies156
Automated Server156
These Are The Voyages155

Deck Size Information
Largest Deck129
   60 - 691
   70 - 795
   80 - 891
   90 - 993
   100 - 1098
   110 - 1190
   120 - 1292
Largest Dilemma Pile60
   20 - 292
   30 - 396
   40 - 494
   50 - 596
   60 - 691
Largest Draw Deck68
   35 - 442
   45 - 548
   55 - 647
   65 - 742

Tournament Deck Statistics
AffiliationAll TournamentsLvl 2+ Events
# Played# WinnersWin %# Played# WinnersWin %

Non-Aligned Decks8112.5%2150%
Non-Aligned / Ferengi11100%11100%
Non-Aligned / TNG300%00

Public Decklists
Non-AlignedTranswarp Pre-Constructed Deck: Non-Alignedby Project Transwarp
Basic Non-Aligned pre-constructed deck - a simple deck built around the Non-Aligned from freely available cards. REVISION HISTORY Version 1.1. (23rd October 2008) OUT T'Pol, Vascular Pad, IN Arctus Baran, Medical Kit Version 1.0 (18th June 2008) Beta deck completed.
Download Into DeckPADDPrint DecklistCopy Deck
TNGNon-AlignedIgnoring the Briar Patch in 2Eby Stefan Slaby
2022 World's Global Chair's Challenge (TNG Species 8472 with a few extra cards to qualify for the Immoral Choice achievement)
Download Into DeckPADDPrint DecklistCopy Deck
Non-AlignedSaltlickby Fritz Meissner
Gooey Chewie Pillar of the Community plus one card, minus a few
Download Into DeckPADDPrint DecklistCopy Deck
FerengiNon-AlignedMaximum Effortby Stefan Slaby
NA 50s
Download Into DeckPADDPrint DecklistCopy Deck
DS9-EarthNon-AlignedID_Draftby Mathew McCalpin
Download Into DeckPADDPrint DecklistCopy Deck