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Regional Season Begins in Cork, Ireland

by Tony Gammell, Lead Market Developer

10th March 2008

The Star Trek CCG Regional season began in Cork, Ireland last Sunday where 8 players turned out become this years first Regional Champion.

After 6 rounds, Tony Gammell emerged victorious with 6 wins (16 points) with a Borg deck using Distant Exploration and Expand the Collective to score a 2-mission win. Fergus O'Shea finished a close second with 5 wins (15 points) using his Borg Speed solver. Killian Duggan took third place with his trusted DS9/TNG 2-mission solver.

Tony has received a very valuable Day 1 bye for European Championships 2008. Who will be the next player to become a Regional Champion? Find out next week when Star Trek CCG players descend on Yorktown, VA, USA on 15 March 2008!

The journey continues...

Ask your Tournament Director to submit a mini-report so you can see your name in lights, too! Send all tournament reports via PM to MidnightLich.

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