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2022 European Continentals (1E)

by Johannes Klarhauser

23rd February 2022

After two years without a First Edition European Continental Championship, the prestigious event will be back on the road-to-worlds schedule. For the first time since 2015, Continentals will take place in the Munich area in Bavaria, in the south of Germany, on August 13, 2022.

The event

The tournament will be the main event of Kaiserfest V, the fifth iteration of what has become a yearly tradition: a summer weekend full of STCCG and all sorts of fun, hosted by the Munich playgroup. Join us for a STCCG party ranging from fierce competition in one of the toughest fields on the tournament circuit to pure fun in old-school play-as-printed Decipher-era sealed! Maybe you will be the Mysterious Challenger who manages to end Peter Ludwig's reign on the Kaiserfest throne and prevent his Three-peat?

The preliminary schedule is as follows:

Apart from the main event on Saturday, all the side event formats will be tailored to player demand. Whatever you want to play - Draft, Voyager Warp Speed with House Rules: Kaiserfest, ... we'll try to arrange it. Note that this year Continentals for First Edition and Second Edition will be run separately and hosted in areas with a stronger local player base for the respective edition. (2E and Tribbles Continentals will take place one week later, from August 19-21, probably in Kassel, Germany. An announcement should be posted shortly.)

The location

All tournaments will take place at Kaiser's P(a)lace in Haimhausen, just outside Munich. The venue provides sufficient space for the expected turnout, but pre-registration is mandatory to make sure we can prepare accordingly.

There will be plenty of opportunities between rounds and after the STCCG events to have some fun and try your hand at darts, beer pong, various board games, and of course the crowd favourite pool volleyball - don't forget your swimming trunks!

Please note that there are no restaurants/shops in the immediate vicinity, but drinks will be provided. If you need something in particular, let us know in advance, or bring your own. As for food, there will be a traditional Bavarian Weißwurstfrühstück on the morning of the 13th, and you can order Italian/Indian takeaway anytime.

Also, strict adherence to the local regulations with respect to the Covid pandemic, whatever they may be at the time, is necessary. Please be ready to provide the necessary information (negative quicktest result, proof of vaccination, etc.). When in doubt, please get in touch.

Travel and accommodation

International travellers are best advised to fly to Munich Airport (MUC) and either take a taxi to the venue (about 45€), or take the S1 short distance train to stop Lohhof (about 15 minutes/7€), from where we'll pick you up.

If you travel by car, there will be limited parking available right in front of the venue. (Please do not park by the curbside, use the parking lot next to the football pitch 300m down the road instead.)

There will be limited sleeping space available at the venue, please get in touch early if you need a bed/couch/floorspace.

For those who need a proper night's sleep, the closest hotels are Infinity Munich and Hotel Alarun; both hotels are about 2.5 km (~25 minute walk) from the venue. Usually pickup from these hotels can be arranged.

If you prefer to stay in central Munich, you will of course find hundreds of options. To get to the venue by public transport, use short distance train line S1 (direction: airport) to stop Lohhof.


For those who can't make it to the event, there will still be the chance to follow what's going on:

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