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30th anniversary Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

by Tjark Ott, Director of Second Edition

3rd January 2023

"On January 3, 1993, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine first aired. Today marks the 30th anniversary of this milestone in Star Trek history.

From the show's outset, it received a lukewarm response from some media and viewers, due to the beloved Star Trek: The Next Generation (and later, the fresher Star Trek: Voyager) airing concurrently, never giving Deep Space Nine a time to shine by itself. Deep Space Nine's emphasis on multi-season story arcs and long-term character development sometimes also made it difficult for new viewers to watch casually.

As time went on, however, attitudes toward the show changed and many critics now consider Deep Space Nine to be among the best Star Trek television series, not leastwise because these story arcs led to deeper exploration of a rich tapestry of supporting characters, offering viewers an added level of realism and credibility. Strong acting leads like Avery Brooks (starring as Benjamin Sisko) also carried the series to new heights.

To celebrate this anniversary, The Continuing Committee presents Second Skin, a reprint set featuring new art, depicting various major characters and highlights from the series. We wish you a galaxy of fun with these "new" cards."

Tjark Ott, Director of Second Edition

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