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Worlds 2023 - The Schedule

by Paddy Tye, Yorkshire Pudding

23rd January 2023

Greetings all - I hope 2023 is going well for you so far! As we're getting closer to Worlds, it's time to announce more details, such as the upcoming schedule and entry costs.

For more information on location (Westbourne House in Otley, West Yorkshire), transportation and accommodation see here: Off t'worlds! The 2023 World Championships are coming to Yorkshire! (trekcc.org)

The Schedule

One thing we are trying differently this year is we're making side event matter more. The Day 1 tournaments for 1E and 2E will see the top 7 players move through to the respective Day 2 events. But there will also be "First Chance Friday" (for 2E) and "Second Chance Saturday" (for 1E) to allow the highest finishing player (who isn't qualified via Day 1) to grab that final 8th spot for Day 2.

Friday 22nd September

1E Worlds Day One - 10am - 5 Rounds OTF Constructed (Tournaments | trekcc)

2E "First Chance Friday" - 10.30 am - 4 Rounds Hall of Fame (Tournaments | trekcc)

2E Biermeister - 4pm - 3 Rounds Standard (Tournaments | trekcc)

Saturday 23rd September

1E "Second Chance Saturday" - 10am - 4 Rounds (3 Rounds if less than 8 players) of DS9 Sealed (limited to 10 player) (Tournaments | trekcc)

2E Worlds Day One - 10.30am - 6 Rounds Standard Constructed (Tournaments | trekcc)

1E "Aberdeen Anarchy" - 4pm - 3 Rounds of absolute Scottish mayhem (Tournaments | trekcc)

Tribbles Worlds Day One - 7pm - Standard (Tournaments | trekcc)

Tribbles Worlds Day Two - 8pm - Standard (Tournaments | trekcc)

Sunday 24th September

1E Worlds Day Two - 9am - 3 Rounds OTF Constructed (Tournaments | trekcc)

1E OTSD - 9.30am - 3 Rounds sealed (Tournaments | trekcc)

2E "Honest Cube" - 10am - 3 Rounds Standard (Tournaments | trekcc)

2E Worlds Day Two - 2pm - 3 Rounds Standard (Tournaments | trekcc)

1E "Bavarian Cube" - 2.30pm - 3 Rounds Warp Speed (Tournaments | trekcc)

2E Virtual Draft - 3pm - 3 Rounds Standard (Tournaments | trekcc)

Entry Cost

With inflation and rising costs being a major global concern right now, one of the key attractions to playing in rural Yorkshire and not a big city hotel was keeping costs for players low. The entry fees below have been kept low this way, but would have been around 3x as much in a city location. We're offering players 3 options:

One day pass - £30

Two day pass - £40

Three day pass - £50

Looking forward to seeing you all there in September! Get signed up now!

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