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Promenade Stock Update

by Maggie Geppert, Collector

17th April 2023

U.S.S. Enterprise-D

The Promenade has recently been stocked with a number of tasty items.


You need some stinkin' badges! They're never out of stock, but do rotate with new sets. Donor forum badges always look nice on a post. Celebrate the release of Nemesis with a badge today.

Premium Memberships

Do you like the basic deckbuilder? Neither do I! That's why I keep my Premium Membership up-to-date. I made a couple of videos about the basic deckbuilders vs. the premium version. Check them out (First Edition and Second Edition) on the CC's You Tube Channel. If you like what you see, and also want to try out all the other sites features that come with Premium Membership, consider a one-month trial for $5.

If you have held one tournament in the last 15 months, you can purchase the following items.

League Kits

Now that the League Season is over, we have opened the purchase of League kits up to the general public. The ones this year are pretty special.

Confront Duplicate

Release Kits

With the release of Nemesis comes a new release kit! The exclusive promo for this set is a gorgeous shot of the the U.S.S. Enterprise-E and the Scimitar standing off in the Bassen Rift on Confront Duplicate. If you've missed the last few release kits, you can still purchase kits for Second Star to the Right, Paradise Lost and The Menagerie.

What's Coming Soon?

I am awaiting a big order from the print shop. This print order has quite a bit in it.

Speaking of that last item, don't forget to purchase your Regional Processing Fee. This is our major fundraiser for the year. Once you've purchased this, you can send your Regional Application to your Continental Organized Play Coordinator. See this article for instructions on this process. The Regional Kits are my first priority for assembly, once I get the prints in my hands. A new article will let you know when they're available for purchase.

Ferengi Conference

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Call of the Nagus

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