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Distracting Technology

by Johannes Klarhauser, Kaiser

8th August 2023

Distracting Technology

Incorporating reliable draw engines that provide a steady flow of cards while leaving enough room for an effective selection of dilemmas is one of the fundamental challenges of building a deck for STCCG (First Edition). Drawing additional cards usually comes at the price of sacrificing some of the very limited seed slots, or spending the valuable card play for the turn; therefore, the number of cards you can expect to draw into over the course of the game is limited. Consequently, many players agonize over which cards they really need to include in their deck, and which ones they should leave out, because stocking too many situational cards will eventually dilute the flow of the deck.

This is where today's card comes in. Distracting Technology, a space-only dilemma found in the upcoming set Ships of the Line, forces players to think hard about how desperate they are to keep their precious hand cards. Can you afford to discard them, or should you hold on to them because you might need that SECURITY or ship or interrupt later in the game?

Find out about possible strategies involving this dilemma in a new episode of Kaiser's Tuesday is Dilemma Day series.

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