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Team Deathmatch: Equinox vs. DS9

by Kevin Jaeger, Creative Consultant

7th December 2009

Editor's Note: As this entire article is one big "quote" (as far as editing is concerned), I've left it completely as-is.  Enjoy the throwdown!




Hoss-Drone: How's it going?
MidnightLich: I'm going to get creamed
Hoss-Drone: lol, you said it, not me. :)
Hoss-Drone: k, shuffling.
Hoss-Drone: alright, who's going first?
MidnightLich: i've got a die here
MidnightLich: you have one handy?
Hoss-Drone: 6 sided?
MidnightLich: yup
Hoss-Drone: k
Hoss-Drone: rolling.....5
MidnightLich: i got a 4
Hoss-Drone: alright drawing my 7
Hoss-Drone: ready?
MidnightLich: yessir

Turn 1

Hoss-Drone: Energize for 3, Ben sisko for 7 - downloading a ship
Hoss-Drone: 6 in hand - your turn (yt)
MidnightLich: start of turn, discard Attack the Crew to get Finding Our Way
MidnightLich: play Finding for 1
MidnightLich: draw 1
MidnightLich: play Energize (5)
MidnightLich: d2
MidnightLich: play UD
MidnightLich: discard Baxial to d/l Equinox
MidnightLich: 7 in hand, your turn

Turn 2

Hoss-Drone: energize away.,.....Julian Bashir, d2
Hoss-Drone: play Quark (VO) for free - get a d/l
Hoss-Drone play U.S.S. Centaur for 7
Hoss-Drone: dc Energize at eot. yt
MidnightLich: energizing: angelo tassoni
MidnightLich: play equinox @ array for 4
MidnightLich: play burke for 1, play thompson for free by discarding spacial fissures
MidnightLich: so d2
MidnightLich: 5 in hand, your turn

Turn 3

Hoss-Drone: Energize....Worf. play Jadzia Dax (science officer) for free. d1.
Hoss-Drone: d2
Hoss-Drone: play persis for 5. play tongo for 7
Hoss-Drone: let's stop quark to play tongo
Hoss-Drone: uss centaur - 5
MidnightLich: starting over - 1
Hoss-Drone: k - i score 5 points
Hoss-Drone: 7 in hand. yt
MidnightLich: energize: attack the crew
MidnightLich: play harad-sar for free
MidnightLich: d/l: Naras, Maras, and Maras
MidnightLich: Play Noah for 3, Maras for 2 (5), d2 (7)
MidnightLich: 7 in hand, yt

Turn 4

Hoss-Drone: energize - security drills
Hoss-Drone: william ross for free. d1
Hoss-Drone: george primmmin for 3, melora pazlar for 5
Hoss-Drone: play at what cost? - 9 counters now remaining
Hoss-Drone: d2
Hoss-drone: play Nog (little green man), Kurn and Miles O'Brien (vo) for other 7 counters
Hoss-Drone: beam up leaving X number behind
Hoss-Drone: Alrighty then....lets play tongo
Hoss-Drone: eesh, under siege - 2
MidnightLich: etu - 2
Hoss-Drone: k, we both score
MidnightLich: hurray
Hoss-Drone: fly centaur to Inv. Destruction
Hoss-Drone: attempt w/9
MidnightLich: yick ?
MidnightLich: well, lets see here
MidnightLich: 3 dilemmas
Hoss-Drone: k
MidnightLich: personal duty (2)
Hoss-Drone: 4 eligible....please name a number 1-4
MidnightLich: 2
Hoss-Drone: k, george primmin is about to stop
Hoss-Drone: He will declare that William Ross is untouchable for rest of turn so W.R. cannot be stopped by Pdiddy
Hoss-Drone: so W.R. and 1 other go through, GP and 1 other stop
Hoss-Drone: next dilemma
MidnightLich: command decisions (3)
Hoss-Drone: Ben Sisko elects to stop
Hoss-Drone: next
MidnightLich: counter insurgency
MidnightLich: i discard nothing
MidnightLich: your solve if you have it
Hoss-Drone: William for skills + nog, jadzia, persis, melora and miles = 30 base
MidnightLich: works for me
Hoss-Drone: k, staffing on will, persis and jadzia - fly remaining span home
Hoss-Drone: your turn
MidnightLich: energize: indebetness
MidnightLich: play d'nesh for free
MidnightLich: d1
MidnightLich: play Indebtedness for 1
MidnightLich: play morik
MidnightLich: play enterprise-j (5 used, 2 left)
MidnightLich: d2
MidnightLich: use indebtedness to discard baxial to draw a card
MidnightLich: attempt Caretaker's with 7
Hoss-Drone: k
Hoss-Drone: hmmm....well i can go assured stop or dangerous but huge gamble with possibly a huge reward......
  Hoss-Drone: i think i will gamble because of your self deprecating sense of humor
Hoss-Drone: 3 dilemmas
MidnightLich: k
Hoss-Drone: first is hard time
Hoss-Drone: number 5
MidnightLich: okay
Hoss-Drone: last one you should have now
Hoss-Drone: Where no one has gone before
MidnightLich: i take a trip
Hoss-Drone: oh wow
MidnightLich: 5 in hand
Hoss-Drone: i thought you had the cunning. K, its in the core
Hoss-Drone: my turn?
MidnightLich: yeah

Turn 5

Hoss-Drone: energize. ... uss defiant. energize is gone.
Hoss-Drone: d2
Hoss-Drone: play Kira (lela) for 5 and take Worf to hand
Hoss-Drone: play another tongo for 7
Hoss-Drone: then play at what cost? burning 5 (back to 30 even) for 7 more c's.
MidnightLich: ok
Hoss-Drone: d3 and play Worf for the additional 7
Hoss-Drone: beam around leaving X behind.
Hoss-Drone: fly to Track survivors....beam down and attempt w/11
MidnightLich: two dilemmas
Hoss-Drone: k
MidnightLich: Fractured Time
MidnightLich: top two are RFG
Hoss-Drone: wow, theres one i dont see often....k LOL
Hoss-Drone: worf and kurn go away...omg that is funny
MidnightLich: that is pretty funny!
MidnightLich: so much for the sons of mogh
Hoss-Drone: worf got fractured....hmmmm
Hoss-Drone: next
MidnightLich: he must be stuck in the parallel universe with troi as his wife
MidnightLich: No Kill I
Hoss-Drone: that'll do it....so how many underneath then?
MidnightLich: consume: CI, Hard Time x2
MidnightLich: 5
Hoss-Drone: HT x2 - ouch
MidnightLich: yeah
Hoss-Drone: k, end my turn
MidnightLich: that's pretty rough
MidnightLich: energize: forcing their way, goes poof
MidnightLich: d1
MidnightLich: d1
MidnightLich: wow
MidnightLich: well, i draw 7 total
Hoss-Drone: yeah, the wnohgb is rough
MidnightLich: discard maras,and discard the maras that was on hard time also :( ... Discard eta, at what cost, marquay, equinox and ent-j Hoss-Drone: k
MidnightLich: equinox comes back, wnohgb is rfg, i have 7 in hand, your go

Turn 6

Hoss-Drone: k, i'll d1
Hoss-Drone: i'll play odo (vo) and Under Siege to your core
Hoss-Drone: i'll play a third At what cost? just to rub it in
Hoss-Drone: so i'm at 25. d5 and play Ambassador Gral
:Hoss-Drone i'll beam around at Track survivors. then attempt w/6 so you d1/s1
MidnightLich: sigh
MidnightLich: okay, you get it
Hoss-Drone: Kira has skills, then her and William, melora, Benjamin, George and nog have integrity of 36 and none with an att over 6
Hoss-Drone: so i score 35 plus 5 and am at 65 pts total.
MidnightLich: sweet
Hoss-Drone: beam up, fly home and beam up odo and gral. then fly to Host Meta Shields test and attempt w/ 11 aboard the centaur still.
MidnightLich: k
MidnightLich: i'll pop my ud and redraw
Hoss-Drone: k
MidnightLich: 3 dilemmas
Hoss-Drone: k
MidnightLich: chula: the chandra
Hoss-Drone: 1-11
MidnightLich: 4
Hoss-Drone: 2......now 1-10
MidnightLich: sigh
MidnightLich: peel them off the top
Hoss-Drone: also a 2.....next  
MidnightLich: chula: echoes
Hoss-Drone: 1-9
MidnightLich: 1-3
Hoss-Drone: ouch, odo is a 7
Hoss-Drone: kira is a 6 and gral is well also a 6
MidnightLich: sigh
MidnightLich: breaking the ice is last
Hoss-Drone: well, Jadzia gains Geology by digging deep, then i put sisko and the Sau Paulo from hand onto the security drills to up it to 3 geo
MidnightLich: ok
Hoss-Drone: Benjamin and Jadzia have the skills, 9 people have the integrity aboard the Centaur.
MidnightLich: gg
Hoss-Drone: gg
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