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New Year's Revolution Results!

by Kris Sonsteby, Staff Writer

11th January 2011

Good evening, 'Trek fans! For my longtime broadcast partner, Matt "The Original Champion" Frid, I'm Kris "The Old Pro" Sonsteby welcoming you to another edition of T2E Confidential, the only show that brings you, the audience, through the ropes for an up close and personal look at the game's greatest superstars. On this week's episode, we'll be covering what happened at our first pay per view of 2011, which transpired on 1/1/11 at the infamous OP2K Arena, New Year's Revolution! So without further ado, here is a quick rundown of what was played at, and the combatants that participated in, the 5th Annual FMSC New Year's Day Charity Draft.

Mike "The Natural" Harrington – Dominion
Matt "The Original Champion" Frid – Klingon
Jeremy "The Razor" Benedict – Deep Space Nine
Kris "The Old Pro" Sonsteby – Romulan
Nat "The Beast from the East" Kirton – The Next Generation
Zach "The Sniper" Magnuson – Romulan
Val "Valbowski" Magnuson – The Next Generation
Jordan "The Dragon" Leung – Deep Space Nine
Jerad "Big Daddy B" Berhow – Borg
Allison "Black Widow" Berhow – Klingon

The superstars listed above are in order of tournament placement, with the affiliation listed being the starter deck they chose. Bear in mind, however, that given the universal personnel reporting rules offered in this once a year tournament, it is highly likely that peeps from an array of affiliations were included in each player's deck. Anyone curious as to how a game played with this rule in effect is implored to read my tournament report, which can be found here. And while Mike "The Natural" Harrington was able to repeat as FMSC Charity Draft Champion, successfully defending all comers in the "To Be the Man, You Gotta Beat the Man" Challenge and collecting a bounty for knocking off both members of T2E's Power Couple along the way, his strong showing is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to New Year's Revolution's final tally.

As regular viewers of our programming will recall, the primary reason for this annual tournament is to raise money for those less fortunate via the Twin Cities chapter of Feed My Starving Children, a social assistance organization that provides food to those without worldwide. Through donations to buy the sealed product, hand pick opponents and the opponents of fellow attendees, and purchase extremely rare foils, the collective "frozen chosen" out did themselves once again, raising a little over $1,000 for FMSC in one day. This collective generosity, fueled primarily this year by the aforementioned Power Couple and an individual who shall remain known simply as Money Inc.'s "benefactor," the Greater Minnesota player base has raised a grand total of roughly $4,680 over the course of five New Year's Day tournaments. What's even better? This year we're taking it into overdrive, carrying the charity draft format over to our February pay per view, Fully Loaded, to help put our combined total over the previously inconceivable $5,000 mark!

Well, folks, we appear to be outta time here on Confidential, so as we close the books on New Year's Revolution and the 5th Annual FMSC Charity Draft, we at T2E would like to thank you the viewers for helping us help others this holiday season, and your continued interest in our program. Until next time, this is The Old Pro for The Original Champion wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year. Take care, and we'll see you all at Fully Loaded!


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