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January 2023

Star Trek: Prodigy Draft FInal results
by Ross Fertel, Prodigital-AJanuary 4th
With Star Trek: Prodigy ending its first season, let's see who was the ultimate winner of the draft.

December 2022

Chair's Challenge 2022 Winners!
by Kris Sonsteby, ChairDecember 5th
See if you were lucky enough to win one of this year's World Championship promos!

September 2022

2022 World's Global Chair's Challenge
by Kris Sonsteby, ChairmanSeptember 13th
Cannot make it to Orlando in a few weeks? Read on to learn how you can win your own World Championship promo for each of the three games!

February 2022

Prodigy Season One Draft Update
by Ross Fertel, DevineFebruary 14th
Star Trek: Prodigy is at the halfway mark for the first season. How is the draft going? Find out along with a special surprise about the glorious borderless promo.

October 2021

Star Trek: Prodigy Season One Draft
by Ross Fertel, AuspiciousOctober 18th
Celebrate the newest addition to the Star Trek franchise and you might win a glorious borderless promo!

August 2021

Act(or) Well Your Part Winner
by Ross Fertel, MultitaskerAugust 24th
Find out who won not one but two glorious borderless promos.
Act(or) Well Your Part
by Ross Fertel, Staff WriterAugust 5th
Use your knowledge of Trek and prove how smart you are by earning a glorious borderless promo.

December 2020

Raffle Incoming!
by Dan Hamman, Staff WriterDecember 23rd
The Raffle is this Sunday - get your tickets in the bins

November 2019

Congrats to Our Contest Winners!
by Charlie Plaine, Director of First EditionNovember 4th
Eighteen people are about to become owners of borderless, full-art promo cards. Thank you to everyone that entered, it was a fantastic response!

September 2019

Winners of the 2019 Chair's Global Challenge
by Maggie Geppert, Executive OfficerSeptember 3rd
Thanks for playing!

November 2018

Global Chairman's Challenge Winners
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanNovember 3rd
Today, I'm happy to announce the winners of the Global Chairman's Challenge World's side event contest.

October 2018

2018 World Championship Promos
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanOctober 5th
Join the Chairman's Challenge, starting today! Or just take a peek at this year's gorgeous World Championship promos!

September 2018

World's Global Chairman's Challenge
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanSeptember 28th
Celebrate the 2018 World Champions with local events, and earn chances to win copies of the [REDACTED] Worlds promos!
Welcome to Vulcan Week
by Maggie Geppert, Vice ChairmanSeptember 23rd
Why you green-blooded...
Welcome to Khan Week
by Maggie Geppert, Vice ChairmanSeptember 2nd
The genetically-enhanced superhumans from the 1990s are invading!

August 2018

Welcome to Starfleet Week
by Maggie Geppert, Vice ChairmanAugust 19th
Travel back to the 22nd Century for a week of Starfleet fun.

June 2018

The Next Generation Bundle Giveaway!
by Daniel Matteson, Director of CommunicationsJune 22nd
Celebrate the return of The Next Generation with a chance to win a First Edition promo bundle!
Welcome to Terok Nor Week
by Maggie Geppert, Vice ChairmanJune 10th
It's time to take Deep Space Nine back from The Dominion/Cardassian alliance!

April 2018

Raffle Time!
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerApril 2nd
Raffle Drawings will take place April 7th at 7pm Pacific

February 2018

Welcome to Mirror Week
by Maggie Geppert, Vice ChairmanFebruary 25th
It's time to explore the multiverse!

January 2018

Welcome to Maquis Week
by Maggie Geppert, Vice ChairmanJanuary 21st
Break out your Victor Hugo collection; it's Maquis Week!

October 2017

2017 Q3 Raffle Date Change
by Dan Hamman, Raffle MasterOctober 21st
Date change for the next raffle: Tune in November 4th at 9am Pacific.

September 2017

Welcome to Non-aligned Week
by Maggie Geppert, Vice ChairmanSeptember 24th
Welcome to Non-aligned Week!
Welcome to Romulan Week
by Maggie Geppert, Puzzle MissySeptember 17th
Welcome to Romulan Week. Unscramble the words to identify the episode.
A Klingon Scramble
by Maggie Geppert, Puzzle MissySeptember 10th
Solve the puzzle to name the Klingon episode!
The Next Generation Word Search
by Maggie Geppert, Puzzle MissySeptember 4th
What's a Spotlight Series without puzzles? Test your word finding ability with this TNG puzzle.

July 2017

Raffle Time!
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerJuly 12th
The 2017 Q2 Raffle is now live!

December 2016

2016 Fourth Quarter Raffle - Bins Closing Soon!
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerDecember 23rd
The Raffle is on!

October 2015

2015 World Championships Global Side-Event Challenge - Winners
by Kenneth Tufts, Director of Organized PlayOctober 23rd
From the 19 congruent events this year find out who won themselves some nice new world's shinnies, and the lucky winner of the coveted worlds playmat.

June 2013

2013 Australian Continentals Dream Team
by Matthyas Kiraly, AC Dream Team CoordinatorJune 2nd
Pick your ultimate fantasy team for the 2013 Australian Continental Championships!

October 2012

2012 Raffle
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerOctober 21st
Info for the next Ferengi Credit Exchange - The prize list going up, and the event will provide details for the Raffle going forward.

June 2011

2011 Australian Continentals Dream Team
by Matthyas Kiraly, AC Dream Team CoordinatorJune 3rd
Pick your ultimate fantasy team for the 2011 Australian Continental Championships weekend!

April 2011

Chairman's Challenge Winners!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanApril 20th
Better late than never!

November 2010

Last Weekend For the PAQ & the Academy!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanNovember 30th
This week and weekend is your last chance to play in one of the Global Chairman's Challenge events!
Sponsored Contest: Follow @TrekCC to Win!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanNovember 1st
The Continuing Committee is proud to announce its first sponsor, Miniature Market; and to celebrate, we're running a contest!

October 2010

The NEW Global Challenges
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanOctober 25th
November 2010 brings you two chances to participate in and win a Chairman's Challenge, one for each edition!

June 2009

2009 Continentals Fantasy Teams
by Matthyas Kiraly, Australian OP CoordinatorJune 12th
Have you chosen your Dream Team of players for the 2009 Australian and North American Continentals?

April 2009

The Darklings Triumph
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanApril 17th
How well did the Darkling decks do in the Global Chairman's Challenge?
Get Your Darkling Decks In!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanApril 2nd
Did you play a Darkling deck in March? Time to get it submitted!

March 2009

Claim Your Share of the Latinum!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanMarch 23rd
The first Ferengi Exchange Raffle has been completed, and there are still over twenty-five (25) unclaimed prizes! Is one of them yours?
The Global Challenge
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanMarch 1st
The fifth Chairman's Challenge is open to all players of both editions all over the world!

September 2008

Spotlight Contest Results: Dissident Diversity
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanSeptember 3rd
How well did you know your Dissidents? Find out inside as we finally put these Spotlight Series contests to rest!
Favorite Klingon Episodes
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanSeptember 3rd
Find out which Klingon episodes the community likes best!

August 2008

Missing Contact Information Needed
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanAugust 2nd
The Continuing Committee needs to contact three of our contest winners to complete our prize shipments!

July 2008

Spotlight Contest: Dissident Diversity
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJuly 31st
The belated Terok Nor contest is now available, giving you two more chances to win a Tragic Turn foil!

June 2008

Spotlight Contest Results: Secret Agent Man
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJune 16th
Were you able to decode the puzzle and find out whom deals in information? Find out inside!
Spotlight Contest Results: Acquisition Now!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJune 5th
How well were you able to find the hidden bars of latinum? Find out inside!
Spotlight Contest: Secret Agent Man
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJune 2nd
If you can puzzle out the clues in this contest, you might end up with one of two Tragic Turn foils! Find out more inside!

May 2008

Spotlight Contest: Acquisition Now!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanMay 26th
Are your lobes good enough to win a Tragic Turn foil? Even hew-mons can get lucky!
Problem Delays Prize Shipments
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanMay 20th
Due to an error with our shipping process, there has been a delay in shipping out recent prizes.
Spotlight Contest Results: DS9 Haiku
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanMay 12th
Many of you knew your DS9 Episodes! But did you know them well enough to win a Tragic Turn foil? Find out!
Spotlight Contest: Haiku Well Do You Know DS9?
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanMay 5th
Do you know haiku? Read this article to play; Win a Tragic Turn.