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Dilemma Pile: Teching Against Your Opponent

by Lucas Thompson, Ambassador

21st February 2020

Teching Against Your Opponent

If you're having trouble with a particular deck, there are some cards you can include in your dilemma pile that can shore you up against certain match-ups. The beginner piles include Moral Choice as an obvious example of a tech dilemma (against Federation), but some tech dilemmas are less obvious. For example, Intimidation (also in the base pile) is very good against Klingon decks, and insane against Borg decks, but will likely only ever stop two personnel against a DS9 deck.

The best tech dilemmas will have some effect even when facing a deck that they're not meant to beat, but a significantly improved effect in the right match-up. I'd caution against using too many tech dilemmas, but judicial use of some of them can do a lot to make a tough match-up a lot easier.

Here are some other examples: