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Dilemma Pile: Making It Work With Your Deck

by Lucas Thompson, Ambassador

21st February 2020

Dilemmas That Synergize With Your Deck

The Cardassian deck uses Cardassian Processing, which explicitly requires Cardassia Prime, but some dilemmas aren't as obvious as that. For example, the Dominion deck uses Know Thy Enemy because they've got so many high strength Jem'hadar and can be pretty sure of having more strength in hand.

Here are some other examples of dilemmas that improve based on your deck choices:

Build-Around-Me Dilemmas

Some dilemmas might inspire you to build up the pile from scratch. If you're feeling feisty, you may choose to build a pile from the ground-up around one or more of these dilemmas:


Note that none of these lists are exhaustive; there are many, many dilemmas in this game, and many different ways to use them. This article is meant as a starting point for customizing your dilemma pile, not an end point. Go out there, play some games, encounter some dilemmas. If you see a dilemma you like in someone else's pile, try it out for yourself. Experimentation is fun.

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