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Beginner Deck: Voyager

by Lucas Thompson, Designer

15th October 2021

"We're alone in an uncharted part of the galaxy." Voyager was a different kind of Trek show, and this is a different kind of deck. The first thing to notice about it is it does not include a headquarters mission. That mission type that every other beginner deck has? This one doesn't have one - instead, the crew reports directly aboard the U.S.S. Voyager, which is your home away from home.

That makes this article a little more essential to successfully piloting the deck than the other beginner deck strategy articles: before shuffling and playing, it's important to figure out how to get the ship in play:

There's something else special about this deck: you also don't have any planet missions. That's not a mistake: Alsuran Sector, Utilize Abandoned Relay Station allows you to win the game if you have 100 points and four completed Delta Quadrant space missions. That's more missions than usual, but your opponent is going to be feeling the pain of drawing useless planet dilemmas more and more often as the game progresses.

You've also got some powerful tools to help you get to that fourth mission, such as Homeward Bound. Once you finish your first mission, you can start using that to unstop your stopped personnel and take another swing at a mission you've failed. Careful though, you need three unstopped Voyager-icon personnel to be able to play them, so you'll want to keep them safe on a second ship: the Delta Flyer.

Once you're comfortable with this deck, you might want to personalize it. It is loosely based on the deck that Robert Dawson used to win the 2017 Australian Continental Championship. You may take inspiration from that deck list, or consider these cards:

Finding Another Way Home
- Caretaker's Array allows you to download Finding Our Way. That's a cheaper way to get Voyager early, but won't work until turn two. If you go that route, you'll want to add some events that you can play to your core (like Running a Tight Ship) in the event that you don't have a turn one Voyager. Another advantage of Finding Our Way over Plasma Storm Depths (besides cost) is that it is reusable: if you're hunting for the Delta Flyer later on so you can use your Homeward Bounds, just pitch a card (any card) and get it.

Break Some Champagne
- If you want to expand the size of your deck without reducing the chance of a turn-one Voyager (which is a nice speed boost), consider Christening. It's basically like adding up to three more copies of Voyager to your deck (with the small risk of it being expensive if you have draw a Delta Flyer and no Voyager).

Seek Out New Worlds
- You don't have to only do space missions with Voyager! Reestablish Neural Cooperative, Locate Fuel Source, and Instruct Advanced Drone are three popular 40-point missions that pair well with the 20-point Caretaker's Array. And, if you're already using all those 40-point missions, you might consider using these powerful dilemmas.

General Use Cards
- Some cards can just go in any deck - and often do because they're so useful. An extra counter per turn from Surprise Party wouldn't go amiss. And once you've played a few games, you'll see how the reboot from Unexpected Difficulties can be game-changing. Alvera Tree Ritual is subtler - you basically play it for free, and not only does it protect you from any dilemma pile manipulation, but it can also be used offensively. If you keep track of which dilemmas you don't use, you can proactively use the Ritual to shuffle your dilemma pile at opportune times.

Discuss this article in this thread.

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


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34V18•Alsuran Sector, Utilize Abandoned Relay Station
10U46•Caretaker's Array
16V29•Inversion Mystery
34V22•Orlitus Cluster, Astronomical Survey
56V28•Plasma Storm Depths, Search for Missing Vessel

Draw Deck (35)
0VP1311x Field Studies
34V121x •Thirst for Knowledge
34V153x Homeward Bound
0VP551x •B'Elanna Torres, Straightforward Engineer
56V371x Carlson
34V291x •Chakotay, Steadfast Commander
45V81x •Chell, Incessant Chatterbox
20V181x •Equinox Doctor, Unethical Medical Hologram
10R661x •Harry Kim, Eager to Please
10R701x •Kathryn Janeway, Forceful Captain
10C741x •Lyndsay Ballard, Back From the Dead
56V441x Mariah Henley
34V321x Mitchell
34V331x •Mortimer Harren, Reclusive Genius
0VP3091x •Naomi Wildman, Obliging Assistant
56V481x •Rollins, Trusted Subordinate
20V291x •Rudolph Ransom, Devious Captain
0VP1861x •Seven of Nine, Efficient Analyst
34V341x •Tal Celes, Imprecise Analyst
10R831x •The Doctor, Emergency Medical Hologram
24V341x •Tom Paris, Competitive Pilot
0VP1511x •Tuvok, Chief of Security
48V131x •Vorik, Unflappable
34V351x •William Telfer, Misguided Hypochondriac
1U3211x •Brull, Encampment Leader
10U931x •Kes, Curious Ocampa
24V371x •Neelix, Valued Guide
43V231x •Qatai, Determined Hunter
24V462x •Delta Flyer, Rebuilt "Hot Rod"
0B63x •U.S.S. Voyager, Home Away From Home
Dilemma Pile (30)
0VP2802x Adopted Authority
0VP1261x Back Room Dealings
36V31x Brave Words
0VP1762x Chula: The Chandra
37V21x Dark Page
0VP1971x Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
22V51x Honorable Pursuit
37V32x In Development
26V42x Intimidation
0VP1671x Moral Choice
0VP2672x Old Differences
0VP2351x Polywater Intoxication
3U231x Restricted Area
15V71x Show Trial
31V121x Unconventional Consideration
38V41x Hard of Heart
17V82x Miner Revolt
12R141x No Kill I
0VP2681x Rogue Borg Ambush
0VP891x Gomtuu Shock Wave
29V72x Inquest
8R131x Outclassed
29V121x The Needs of the Few

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