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Volunteers Needed

by Kris Sonsteby, Chair

1st November 2022

Greeetings, 'trek fans! The Continuing Committee is presently looking to add a Board member to our ranks in the form of a Director of Communications. In addition, the Warehouse is seeking to add a Shipping Coordinator for Europe, and the department of Organized Play is still looking to fill the Australian vacancy. Read on if you are interested in applying for any of these openings.

Director of Communications:

As a Board member, the Director of Communications plays a vital role within the Continuing Committee. This individual will help make decisions for the entire organization at our monthly Board meetings. According to the Bylaws, their specific duties are as follows:

The Director of Communications is responsible for managing the Department of Communications, ensuring their programs are supported and successful. This Department consists of the Proofreading Committee, the Social Media Manager, The Writing Team, and the Ambassador Corps. They will oversee the department staffing, filling vacancies as needed, and serve as arbiter for all disputes within the Department of Communications. The Continuing Committee hopes that people with Public Relations or other relevant experience will apply for this position.

European Shipping Coordinator:

The Continuing Committee is also looking for a volunteer to take over the newly created position of European Shipping Coordinator. This person will be responsible forall shipments of product and prize support for the European continent and possibly further afield depending upon shipping logistics. This position reports to the Shipping Manager and Director of Operations. The goal is for the European Shipping Coordinator to essentially become the European warehouse, reducing delays for shipping internationally.

Some of the responsibilities include:

Australian Organized Play Coordinator:

Similar to the work done by Michael and Julius on their respective continents, the Australian OP Coordinator will serve as the point person for all of the various casual and high-level tournaments played in Australia. The ideal candidate will play all of the games - First Edition, Second Edition, and Tribbles - although this is not a hard requirement. More importantly, this volunteer should be active in the local community by playing and / or running tournaments on a fairly regular basis. Bonus points if the applicant has a willingness to demo the game(s) to new players, or is already doing so. As the eyes and ears of Organized Play for Australia, this individuals' primary duties will be to handle the logistics of scheduling the various Regional, National, and Continental Championships.

If you have read this far and are interested in any of the above stated positions, please send a PM to Kris Sonsteby (LORE) on the forums and your application(s) will subsequently be routed to the respective hiring person.

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