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Affiliation Draft November 2022

by Ross Fertel, Offline Master and Commander

10th November 2022

This upcoming Monday is a big event for Organized Play in both games. Online Masters will start in their earnest. This will be the first major event in First Edition since British Nationals and the first big event for Second Edtion since Worlds 2022 letting us see how things shape up. As we head to Worlds 2023.

To that effect, we’ve set up a fun little diversion for these events. In brief, you will ‘draft’ affiliations (or affiliations and factions in Second Edition) and get points if you are right. You’ll want to hurry; once a combination is picked, it is off the board. Also, entries must be in by the time the events begin. Be sure to put them in the threads linked below, not the one for this article.

First Edition Online Masters 2022 Draft

Second Edition Online Masters 2022 Draft

Go to the threads and have fun! We’ll see you once games are played and the results are in! Note that since these are online events, they will take longer than usual but we will give you an update once the results are in.

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