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2022 Online Masters Draft Results

by Ross Fertel, lIVin' online

4th January 2023

Online Masters of the Universe IV is over, a winner is announced, and the decks are posted. Let's take a look at them and see how well the draft turned out.

We'll start with Joseph Wisniewski's Hirogen Mining Party (2022 1E Masters) which is nominally Hirogen but has a good amount of Maquis and Borg in there for good measure along with a couple personnel form the Mirror Quadrant.

Maggie Geppert brings us a Starfleet Terran Empire deck called Kirk Serves the "Original" Empire which does not have Kirk, though there are a lot of tools for the faction. If you have not tried them out, this is a good deck to begin with either in a game or for modification.

The Ferengi are represented in Alexander Schmidt's Ferengi Conference deck. This uses all sorts of Ferengi from several sets of multiple eras both physical and virtual. This is a good example of a deck that has been updated as more cards have been added and modified accordingly. All four Misters are in the deck as well.

Kill Steal!! Is not a phrase you want to hear in day-to-day conversation, but Joe Kallstrom titled his deck as such, though First Contact/Insurrection might be a more appropriate title given the contents of the deck. We have a set on the horizon looking at the Next Generation quartet of films and this deck might rise in prominence not too long into the year.

There are a pair of Borg Decks played at this event. Of the two, Kris Sonsteby's No Harm Ever Came... From Reading a Book goes more of the traditional Delta Quadrant route. If you played Borg back in the days of physical cards, this will look familiar though there are a few tricks put in to optimize the results. Mathew McCalpin's The Ultimate Answer Mark II uses Continuing Mission finding ways around the recent ban of The Ultimate User. Check out his tournament report to see the recommendations for the next version.

Niall Matthew's THIS TRIBBLE IS SO RAW, MY SH!T IS PURRING! Is a Starfleet deck that has Chef along with a good contingent of MACOs. There are a couple Holoprograms in this set, including 221B Baker Street to help in case your Chef does not get out as quickly as you would like or if anything happens to him.

Michael Van Breemen brought the Maquis and Klingon/Cardassian Alliance together in MaQacK 2.1.1. Although most of this deck is for the latter, the Maquis themselves are non-aligned although they a e not really meant to come together. The reason for the combination will reveal itself with The Art of Diplomacy.

But the event went to Paddy Tye with his Continuing Mission Romulan deck appropriately called Romulan Redemption. There is a fun little Cybernetics subtheme with the appropriate expertise. You'll also find some strong Neutral Zone support for the draw engine with Strategic Sector.

Looking at the draft, there were eight affiliation or faction icons that are linked to the decks, but no one picked five of them. Quite a few picked four, eight of the eleven entrants as a matter of fact.

Be sure to keep an eye out on the forums shortly before major events for the next draft!

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