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Timeless is Tournament Legal

by Ross Fertel, Timely

20th January 2023

Timeless released last Friday and is tournament legal as of this moment. These eighteen cards double the number of Archive Portraits available celebrating the fifteenth year of the Continuing Committee.

By know you’ve seen the front-page articles about the set but there is a lot more discussion happening on the forums, both the Q & A, Card of the Day threads and others. I’ve done a podcast series where I talk briefly about my thoughts and what I’ve seen online as I drive from work each day, and you’ll find it all here. We’ll go through the message boards and Drive from Work to give initial thoughts on the set.

Things got off to a start with the Voth City Ship followed by other cards making their debut over the weekend.

Things really got active on the boards when Lurin, Heartless Profiteer was revealed, prompting debate as not whether this personnel should have the Thief keyword or not.

The Planet Killer was revealed the following day and there is a Card of the Day thread on the forums debating the origins of the Borg attemptability icon along with the place in the game for both affiliations.

Dukat, Egomaniac would put to bed thoughts that Archive Portraits would be boring and have no special text. I put those thoughts together along with the set overall in my final Drive from Work post.

The next card to generate a forum tread was Bariel Antos, Selfless Scapegoat. The main topic of debate was his staff icon along with his usefulness, particularly where another version might be viable.

The remaining cards were released last Friday, but there was some question about the card title The Weird Planet Displaced in Time.

Even after the set released, isolated Ion Storm, Locate Klingon Artifact was the Card of the Day and generated an appropriate thread.

We hope you have enjoyed looking at all the chatter the set has generated. Huge thanks to Daniel Giddings for starting the Card of the Day threads. Timeless is tournament legal today. This set would not be possible without the efforts of Playtesting, Rules, Creative, Proofreading, Programming and Art. Art deserves special credit for making templates for most of the cards.

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