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March 2023 First Edition Game Changes Update

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

6th March 2023

Greetings all and welcome to the March First Edition Game Changes update. Today, we're issuing a pardon to 1 card from the OTF Ban List, unbanning it without changes. Also courtesy of our Rules Team, we're issuing errata to a few cards to fix typos and inconsistencies. Let's get right into it:

OTF Ban List
Terraforming Station has been on the OTF Ban List because it was felt the card didn't work as intended in organized play settings. After reviewing that decision, our Rules Team has decided to remove this card from the ban list without changes. There are existing rules to address how this card works in tournament settings (poorly), but now the card is available for all events using the OTF rule set.

The Rules Team has decided to issue a few changes to cards to make sure their printings are identical. In all of these cases, these errata bring all of the printings in line.

Malfunctioning Door
The Alternate Universe and Trouble with Tribbles Starter versions now feature the updated text from the Homefront VI printing.

Plasmadyne Relay
The wording on the Q Continuum printing has been edited to match the more recent wording on the Trouble with Tribbles Starter.

Quark Son of Keldar
The printing from Identity Crisis has been updated to correct the misspelling of "Kozak" in his lore.

The virtual promo printing has been updated to correct the misspelling of "Ty'Gokor" in her lore.

Finally, the last change was driven by Creative and the fact it will be an upcoming promo for Organized Play in 2023:

The Trois
Both the original Enhanced Premiere printing and the Identity Crisis printing have been updated to clarify the species of both personnel.

And that's all we have for you in this month's update. As a reminder, our regular game change updates (such as errata, the OTF Ban List, and the Watch List) are scheduled for the First Monday of each month. The next scheduled regular update is Monday, April 3rd, 2023.

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