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Organized Play Guide Updates

by Kris Sonsteby, Director of Organized Play

1st May 2023

Greetings, 'trek fans!

Version 5.1 of The Continuing Committee's Organized Play Guide (OPG) is now available for download and takes effect immediately. As always, changes to the various sections within this document are notated as either being [NEW] or [UPDATED]. In summary, the vast majority of version 5.1's updates center around First Edition, specifically renaming Official Tournament Format (OTF) to the simpler Modern as well as how differential is calculated for that specific game. Other significant updates applied to all three games include formally extending Regional season from March through September indefinitely, providing a new custom scenario option that encompasses all scenarios not specifically stated, and merging a player's respective Draft and Sealed deck ratings. Lastly, in an effort to refresh a document that was originally written well before online play existed, tournament directors are now being provided flexibility in how incomplete games are scored and the Code of Conduct has been overhauled to take online play into greater account.

While many of the alterations have been in process for quite some time, it is possible a modification was missed during the 5.1 update to the OPG. If you are aware of such a change, please bring the specific item(s) to the attention of the Director of Organized Play so that the error(s) can be remedied in a timely fashion. Thank you, and I will see you at the tables!

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