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Modern Demo Day 2023

by Daniel Matteson, Modern Streamer

23rd May 2023

Hi everyone! With the recent title change of First Edition's Official Tournament Format (or OTF) to the new term, Modern, I thought this would be a good time to bring back a First Edition Modern Demo Day!

A Demo Day is an all-day livestream where we will be chatting with players of all skills levels - new, returning, and established - talking about First Edition and the Modern format, answering questions for those that have them, and even playing a few games on the stream (most likely with starter or beginner-level decks) in order to show off some gameplay for those that want to learn the game by watching actual gameplay. We held one of these back in June 2020, and I've been itching to hold another one for some time. With the title change to Modern, I thought this a perfect opportunity to take the time to show off the game in a live session again.

The 2023 First Edition Modern Demo Day will take place on Saturday, June 10th, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern time (check your local time zone conversion, but I believe that's 1:00 pm to 1:00 am UTC). I will be personally streaming for the entirety of this twelve-hour stream! (Don't worry, I'll be taking breaks!) Here's where the stream can be found (and how you can participate)!

First, I will be hosting a public Zoom meeting, where I'll be sharing my screen and voice chatting with anyone who wants to volunteer or participate through audio chat. Anyone is welcome to jump on or off the call for any length of time you'd like to attend for. (Please avoid foul language and be respectful of others.)

Second, the entire stream will be broadcast on the Continuing Committee's Twitch stream at twitch.tv/continuingcommittee. (The stream will later be recorded and uploaded to YouTube.)

Finally, my online games will be taking place on Lackey, the software we play all our online events.

I'll post the Zoom link as we get closer to the date of the event.

If you're interested in volunteering (to play a game or chat for a block of time), send me a PM ahead of time as it would be nice to get a sense of who can assist with some demo games (and have the decks prepared etc.), and I can also make another announcement with specific guests!

So, if you're interested in playing some demo games, learning how to play, or just chatting with us for awhile, I'm looking forward to seeing you on June 10th!

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