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Get Your First Chance with Second Chances Today!

by Richard New, Second Chances Lead Designer

9th June 2023

"Do you have any idea where Professor Bare is?"

-- Julian Bashir, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine "Our Man Bashir"

Professor Honey BareProfessor Honey Bare

Why yes, I do, Secret Agent Julian Bashir. She's available in release kits that can be bought in The Promenade right now! Well, the sexy version on the left is. The nerdy version on the right is available to be printed out today. (No slight intended. The "nerdy" one is my personal favorite.) I should, of course, point out the Easter Egg that none other than our own Maggie Geppert suggested putting in this personnel's subtitle. If you aren't familiar (as I wasn't), enjoy this link.

We hope you've enjoyed seeing the whole of Second Chances come together over the last couple of weeks. It bares repeating that we couldn't have done it without a small army of volunteers helping to keep this game going as best they can. So, please, thank all of your fellow community members if you know they help behind the scenes. I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

If you'd ever like to help see an expansion come to life, our "About Us" section of the website lists department heads that would be happy to discuss if you'd like to suggest an area where you could be useful. And don't hesitate to ask me if you'd like a pointer in the right direction either.

And, of course, when a regular expansion would come to the game in the old Decipher days, you could expect to drop a chuck of change to get your own copy. This feels like more of a boutique expansion, but if you still would like to donate some money to the Continuing Committee to help us keep the lights on, we're always grateful.

I can't wait to see what you nuts makes out of this one, so until next time, I'll see you across the table.

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