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Second Edition Online Masters Affiliation Draft Results 2023

by Ross Fertel, One Bytten

25th November 2023

The Online Masters are complete. We ran a draft where everyone picked five affiliations/factions to see if they would be played. We'll see if anyone picked a perfect slate after we take a look at the decks played as of this writing.

Beverly Crusher, Encouraging CommanderWe'll start with Christoper Janna's KCA deck. This deck has enough personnel to warrant fair use of Common Purpose and Enemy along with Lineage for drawing. While the deck has a good spread amongst four affiliations and a sprinkling of a fifth, the deck only has the Alliance Vor'cha for ships, enabling a round the corner victory. The inclusion of Brute Force might give your opponent a key decision to make on early mission attempts with the choice of dilemmas.

Maggie Geppert would run Starfleet with Nurnurnur Mk III. I cannot say it better than Geppert herself who put the draw deck strategy in the notes of “Get out Trellium-D early and go to town on your opponent's space attempt with Hazardous Materials and Simulated Prey.” It is useful to note that not all the mains are the Damaged version. Charles Tucker III, Horse Trader helps get Equipment out and cycles it away when you don't need it. T'Pol, Overbearing Observer helps get your personnel out of a jam and Travis Mayweather, Space Boomer is there to give you a range boost. This deck has some improvements, mainly additions, over the prior Hall of Fame version.

Greg Dillon would bring the Dominion Infiltrators, a deck which can go in several directions with Reprimand being on the table. There are the expected non-Infiltration cards to make the deck work. The personnel who are not Infiltrators likewise help the deck run either with an ability or helping to plug skill holes. This deck does have avenues to go down even if the Infiltration angle does not work out.

Remo Giancola would take the Dominion to the Alpha Quadrant to complete high value Delta Quadrant missions with AA Unicorn. This deck sports Terrasphere 8, Starfleet Command Re-creation and a little over just enough cards to make that strategy work. These two directions are not typical and could be refined in a deck that only has three different verbs.

Benjamin Liebich played his Falling Towards Apotheosis 1.2 deck which we covered previously, and as it so happens, the remaining five decks are some combination or portion of Deep Space Nine, Earth Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation.

Ted Reebel would play Borrowed Deep Space Nine though would include Earth in the mix for personnel. When they are the likes of Charles Whatley, Professional Admiral and Jaresh-Inyo, Federation President along with Data, Commanding Officer, the reason becomes apparent quickly. This deck won a local and placed pretty high on this event overall.

Adam Bargar would play Moonlighting, a Deep Space Nine deck but would include the TR-116 Rifle. There is a good amount of Treachery in the deck, and there are copies of Rite of Emergence for the do gooder Hosts hanging out as well.

Matthew McCalpin would combine The Next Generation's solving ability with the speed of Deep Space Nine with I Am Embarrassed. This is not bad in concept but could lean a little more into the Dash properties with more affiliations in the mix. Still, there are some heavy hitters from both sides of the fence to claim victory.

Daniel Giddings would go fully Earth Deep Space Nine with All Brass, No Class (Online), a Paranoia deck with a lot of verbs to set up for success. As the title suggests, most of the personnel are in the upper echelons of the Federation with some exceptions most notably Odo, Surreptitious Ally and Weyoun Hologram, Inquisitor's Tool, there to fill in the skill holes.

The event would ultimately go to Michael Van Breemen with his The Next Generation Deck titled Basic Cadets. Going on the other end of the spectrum from Giddings, this has over a third of the deck with that keyword along with support cards such as Beverly Crusher, Encouraging Commander. We've seen decks with minimal or no verbs to allow for easy play and while this does have some more complex cards to use for support, the deck still plays fairly simply, a good way of bringing back an old favorite but not being overbearing about it.

Looking at the draft, several people picked four affiliations that were played as of this writing, but no one picked a complete slate. We'll see how things turn out in December with an Online National.

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