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First Edition Online Masters Affiliation Draft Results 2023

by Ross Fertel, Twice Shy

26th November 2023

Online Trek Masters started on October 16 and ran four rounds. We ran a draft to see if anyone could predict the affiliations played with a total of five picks. Let's take a look at the decks and see how things worked out.

We Need You HereAmong the Federation decks, thee had a subtheme of Revised Holograms. The greatest concentration would be found in Jared Hoffman's Revised Kizerfest. This deck does not go too far outside of the titular holograms and their counterparts, though aside from Dr. Noah and Vic Fontaine, the expected cards are present so if you've been meaning to try the deck in distilled format, this would be the deck for you.

A bit more of the Voyager spectrum is in the mix with Murderous Holgoraphic Fiction by Maggie Geppert. You have Arturis, Icheb, Kurros and others joining in the mix. There are some expected tricks with holograms such as I've Been Waiting for You. True to the title, there are a couple hand weapons in reach to go out guns blazing.

Matt McCalpin would widen things out considerably for a Continuing Mission deck called Fed/NA Holos. There are a dozen Starfleet personnel ready to get holographic, along with the 'Jack Pack' with their Group Therapy at the ready, though they do not overshadow the holograms with the eleven copies of a Holodeck Door standing by to get what you need. Add in a James Tiberius Kirk for good measure.

Paddy Tye will wind back the clock with Make No Difference. Continuing Mission Classic Films Generations is not entirely self-sustaining (yet!) but there are sixteen copies of such cards in the deck and other skills are filled in as appropriate. Aside from Kivas Fajo-Collector, the draw deck is all nouns, helping streamline gameplay once you get past the seed phase. This is a great deck to use if you have been itching to try the Incident.

When the Battle Station cards were revealed in the recent set Nemesis, it was self-evident that all three would be needed to make the deck work. Tell that to Michael Van Breemen and his Battle Stations Drawing. Battle Stations: All Hands has a big drawback with the limited card plays, on top of the drawbacks with Battle Stations: Sovereign Class. Federation Flagship: Relaunched, Insurrection and Son'a Observatory are there for that function instead. Engage the Borg will help get some extra points. Take a spin with a deck that defies expectations.

Joseph Wisniewski would bring the Maquis in The Yellow Reavers by IP Freely - aka Things to Make Us Go... The deck gets around the Continuing Mission restriction with a slew of Maquis from Voyager and Deep Space Nine. War Council is expected with a Non-Aligned deck, the Mondor is ready to be enhanced with a half dozen Plasmadyne Relays.

Kris Sonsteby was the only player with a deck posted as of this writing not to go the Continuing Mission/Reshape the Quadrant route with No Harm Ever Came... From Opening a Chest, a Borg Deck which plays fairly classically although there are some additions from the Continuing Committee era to make this deck play out a bit better.

The event would ultimately go to Brian Sykes. Bucking a recent trend to combine the Maquis with the KCA, Sykes would go all in on the latter with Pure KCA - No Maquis Needed! Fifty-two nouns and they all boast the Mirror Quadrant icon natively! There is a universal Alliance Nor, but the deck has The Regent's Flagship giving you a bit of a mobile base while still taking advantage of sites and cards like We Need You Here. Check out the tournament report for some candid observations about how well his deck played and some of the other decks at the event. Facing off against four top players, three of whom are World Champions, it is well worth the read.

Looking at the draft, there were only four affiliations played and as no one picked Non-Aligned, we have no one who picked a perfect prediction. We'll see what happens in December with British Nationals.

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