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2ed. Errata February / March 2024

by Tjark Ott, Staff Writer

5th February 2024

Hello everyone,

it's the first Monday of February 2024, which means it is time for announcing errata. The next errata are - as of today - planned for Monday, March 4th, 2024.

All 36 new cards of the 62nd expansion - Continuing Missions - will be revealed between Friday, February 16th, 2024 and Friday, March 1st, 2024.

There are 13 errata associated with this set I would like to announce now.

Part of the set is the new mission Mouth of the Wormhole, Form Labor Union. The following cards that refer to Mouth of the Wormhole will therefore receive an errata to avoid unwanted side effects:

1. Bejal Otner, Wormhole Theorist (12 U 57)

2. Charles Whatley, Professional Admiral (23 V 41)

3. Kaga, Melodious Epicure (53 V 16)

4. Kira Nerys, Defiant Leader (16 V 30)

5/6. Odo, Bajoran Representative (22 V 32) und (0 VP 204)

7. Ruling Council (22 V 23)

8. Tenuous Alliance (17 V 37)

9. Virtual Reality Headset (20 V 1)

10. Yelsar (3 C 117)

All of these cards essentially receive the addition Headquarter (MotW).

The new set also requires changes for:

11/12. Fissure Research (1 S 170) und (0 P 76) new standard and

13. Explore Extradimensional World (17 V 46) new standard (as of today).

Tjark Ott, Director of 2E

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