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Online Nationals 203 Draft Results

by Ross Fertel, Zeroed One

8th February 2024

2023 ended with the release of the film Wonka, Alaskan Airlines intending to purchase Hawaiian Airlines, and an Online Nationals event being held. We ran a draft to see if anyone could predict what would be played, let us look at the decks and see if anyone got a perfect slate.

Signs of SentienceIn a game where you need a hundred points to win, Michael Van Brremen might have made a disastrous choice with a deck titled Solve Missions, Lose Points. Not only is Founders' Homeworld, Contingent Refuge the headquarters of choice, Torga IV, Strained Negotiations is in play to trigger another point loss. A lot of the cards in the deck grant draws based on the Dominion trinity of Founders, Vorta, and Jem'Hadar. Also, many of the personnel are in there for the skills as opposed to the gametext, such as a Dosi without a Commodity in sight. With only one non-personnel or ship in this deck and several personnel whose gametext will not trigger, this deck is a good one to take out for a relatively calm spin.

Remo Giancola took the Dominion in another direction with Infiltration HOF. Not every personnel in the deck is an infiltrator, but the non-Dominion ones are, along with a way to get them in play as they are not directly playable to the headquarters, in addition to some other tricks that are usually run with Infiltration.

Markus Eberlein would play Return to Farpoint Tournament #8 combining the Cardassians, who love discarding cards for effect, with Androids, who like to be with each other and have cards available in hand for effect. There is duplication of key cards as you would expect in a Cardassian deck along with Signs of Sentience which will help get your key Android back into your deck. Of course, having multiple copies of Android makes it easier to show three of them from your hand as well.

Brian Sykes would play the Klingon Cardassian Alliance in 2023KCAHOF_5.txt. This deck leans into the Klingon side of things though there is some other support from the Alternate Universe affiliations. A notable point of the deck is that the non-headquarters missions are all in the Delta Quadrant, necessitating the inclusion of Distant Exploration and Expedient Opportunity to make full use of the universe. For more, check out his tournament report which has a lot of detail on one game in particular.

Maggie Geppert would play Relativity with Einstein Beats Out Newton Mk II, going the Cunning route. It is noteworthy that there is fairly minimal duplication in the dilemma pile leading to a bit more randomness but getting a bit more flexibility. The deck has the support you would expect, plus some that are not temporal related at all, such as Emergency Evacuation and Escape Podfor safety along with Stir Crazy for a bit of extra fun as the game progresses.

The event would ultimately go to Christopher Jansa with Voyager - HoF (Worlds 2023)which is listed below, a deck that has placed first at least once before. This deck has Chakotay, Steadfast Commander running the U.S.S. Voyager, Home Away From Home while Kathryn Janeway, Mindful Keeper is doing the same on the Delta Flyer, Rebuilt "Hot Rod" each Running a Tight Ship.

Looking at the draft, no one picked a perfect slate. We'll see what the rest of 2024 brings.

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