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Your Will Be (Finally) Done

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

22nd March 2024

So'wI' taH!

In 2020, the world changed. Quarantined for months, the world opening up at a trickle, and we all started to go a little bit crazy. In the midst of an insane year, we all decided to come together to complete a group project. Will of the Collective returned and helped us all deal with more and more "unprecedented times." If you aren't familiar, Will of the Collective is an online collaborative design process in which your votes decide what card we're going to make. Previously designed cards from Will of the Collective have been Joran Dax, Examine Morality, Yarnek, and the card that is legal today: So'wI' taH!

If you're curious, check out this article from the time we ran the process. You can see all of the votes, the discussions, and how the card we're releasing today came to be. So'wI' taH! did go through testing and did need to be slightly tweaked because Arbiter of Succession was just far too good when you could guarantee it. But otherwise, the card that all of you designed is finally seeing the light of day. To celebrate the card becoming legal today, here are a few deck ideas to try using the new event:

However, whenever, and wherever you choose to try out So'wI' taH!, may the Empire have your back. So'wI' taH! is legal today in all formats where virtual cards are legal.

Do y'all like these one-off releases of new cards? What would you think about a 2-drop?

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