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March Madness 2024 - Round of 32

by Charlie Plaine, Staff Writer

13th March 2024

Welcome back to March Madness 2024. Our first bloodbath is complete, and half the cards have been sent back to the cut file to tend to their wounds. But, another 32 cards have survived to charge further into the bracket. And thanks to the votes from just over 90 souls, the cards that survived are the ones that you've chosen! But before we get to the update brackets, I have the pleasure of announcing 4 winners from the random draws for this past week's polls! Here are the lucky winners for Week 1:

Congrats to this week's winners; each of you have won a random First Edition borderless promo! These promos will be shipping to you as soon as our warehouse gets back up and running! But now, it's time to vote in the next 2 polls:

Vote in the Edosian Bracket (Left Side)

Vote in the Flaxian Bracket (Right Side)

Here are a few featured matches in Round 2:

Edosian Bracket - Game #35 - Shran vs. Shades of Gray: Extinction
One of the most popular and most requested characters could make his First Edition debut, but only if he gets past a very popular new entry in a classic cycle of cards. Will the fact that a 2nd possible Shades of Gray card awaits votes in the other half of the field doom Extinction to... well, extinction?

Edosian Bracket - Game #38- Maquis Hideout vs. Lirpa
The lirpa has been in these brackets in one form or another for 3 consecutive years. Is it finally the time for this Vulcan blade weapon broken link to be mended? Or, is the allure of a [Maq] facility too great?

Flaxian Bracket - Game #41- 98th Rule of Acquisition vs. Rianna Mayweather
#1 seed 98th Rule of Acquisition just managed to hold off a rally from Neural Control to advance, while Mama Mayweather took out early favorite Garak and Ziyal. Does Travis' mom have it going on enough to be this year's Cinderella story? Or will the power of Ferengi greed march on?

Flaxian Bracket - Game #48- Catspaw vs. The Federation's Cut
The battle of the dilemmas! The ANIMAL-loving dilemma took out a Romulan Warbird, only to stand toe-to-toe with another dilemma, The Federation's Cut, a #2 seed, easily put the bag on Dilithium Necklace, but can it avoid getting clawed up in this battle?

Now it's up to you. Remember, you can vote in each match based on any criteria you like - the choice is literally yours. Good luck and have fun! Voting will be open until 8 AM Pacific on Monday, March 18th. And don't forget to join the discussion on our Gameplay (1E) forum to speculate on what might happen next!

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