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Search for a new Director of Operations

by Justin Ford, Director of Finance

18th March 2024

Happy St Patrick's Day Trek Fans! The Continuing Committee is presently looking for a new Director of Operations to join the Board. The main responsibility of the new Director of Operations will be to staff up with a new Warehouse Manager and additional programmers to help maintain the website.

Director of Operations:

As a Board member, the Director of Operations plays a vital role within the Continuing Committee. This individual will help make decisions for the entire organization at our monthly Board meetings. According to the Bylaws, their specific duties are as outlined in the Bylaws are as follows:

The Director of Operations oversees the Department of Operations. They shall form sub-committees and teams to meet the responsibilities of the Department. The Director of Operations will act as the liaison between Operations and the other departments within the Corporation ensuring accurate communication and deadlines that are to be met without incident. They will oversee the department sub-committee and teamstaffing, filling vacancies as needed, and serve as arbiter for all internal disputes. The main two sub-committees the Director of Operations oversees are those of Programming and Shipping.

If you have read this far and are interested in joining the Board as the next Director of Operations for The Continuing Committee, please send a PM to Justin Ford (Resistance-is-Futile) on the forums and your application will be subsequently reviewed by the selection committee.

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