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Second Edition Alabama Masters 2024 Draft

by Ross Fertel, Materially Unmastered

29th March 2024

Alabama Masters was held on March 2, 2024. We ran a draft to see if anyone could predict what would be played. Let us take a look at the decks and see if anyone managed to get a prefect slate.

We'll start off with Nothing New by Michael Van Breemen which we saw take the crown in in Worlds 2023. Check out the article for more details.

Michael Shae played KHAAANNN!!! 2024 and in doing so, brought Pavel Chekov, Hapless Puppet onto the scene. The debut of that card in a high-profile event, Shea was able to play him at a discount, bringing at least some of the skills needed on most of the missions. This is a great example of adding in some new blood to revive an old deck.

Empathic TouchBrian Sykes played with half of the new Organized Play Promos in his Romulan Stooge Nonsense deck. The promos mainly have gametext with personnel who cost two and Sykes drove right into that with eighteen personnel with that cost. There are only a dozen other personnel in the deck at all! Of those with the printed cost of two, Bejamin Sisko, Preserving History will be able to help when they are stopped and Gabriel Bell, American Hero can help with attributes, though he needs to get in trouble first and pays a high price for doing so.

Nathan Miracle played Alabama on my Mind, a TNG deck focusing on Telepathy. If that sounds familiar, he played a similar deck called Georgia on my Mind roughly a year ago at that Masters. There are some differences between the decks, such as the inclusion of three Empathic Touch cards to prevent some kills. The deck also includes K'Ehleyr, Uncertain Emissary, leaning a bit more into the strengths of the faction. Still, there are five Principled personnel who like being around non-aligned cards and there are several to have fun with included in the deck.

Eric R went in the fighting route with Battle Bajorans and indeed every equipment in the deck involves battle in some fashion, including a shotgun. Add in seven battle permission slip events along with a baker's dozen of Bajoran Resistance and you can see that this deck is ready to shoot first and ask questions later though those questions may involve shooting as well. If you are still hungry after all the fighting, Benjamin Sisko, Master Chef if there to prepare some jumja sticks and bring back some discarded Artifacts.

mike gillespie would also lean into battle while freeing a trapped Klingon with Isolation is such sweet sorrow. It will not be a peaceful time, especially with Earth Outpost 4, Border Incursion there to encourage fighting and make the cunning a bit more in league with dumb Klingons for an attainable twenty-six. That is not the only way to make use of battle, particularly with Ja'chuq.

The day would ultimately go to Scott Baughman with Red Shirt Nelix 2.0. There does not appear to have a prior version, but there is plenty of battling involved. A point of interest is that there are a lot of verbs in the deck, more so than personnel, enabling paths to victory. While there are the support cards you would expect, there are also utility cards such as Rituals to keep your opponent from getting too wild and Christening to get you out in the field no even with a bad draw.

Looking at the draft, No one managed to get a perfect slate. We'll see what happens in European Continentals in July.

Sound off in the thread below, which deck is your favorite!

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