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April 1 Rules Q & A

by James Heaney, Rules Manager (1E)

1st April 2024


The lot of a Rules Master is a difficult one. You, the wondeful people who play this game, are always asking me questions, and sometimes, I just don't know the answers, and that's very embarassing. I then have to take them back to the Rules Committee, where we discuss, debate, and draft -- sometimes for many months! -- before we finally come up with a correct answer.

The problem here is obvious: the Rules Committee knows too much. They're always arguing about things because they all remember some obscure precedent mentioned off-handedly in a single Decipher CRD published in 1996, and they parse gametext grammar like lawyers trying not to get disbarred. What if we tried a better alternative?

I am pleased to announce that, this April 1st, I am finally ready with definitive, authoritative, permanent*, irreformable, indeed infallible answers to all your hardest rules questions. How did I get these answers so quickly?

Not be asking the nerds at the Rules Committee, that's for sure! Instead, I asked someone who very kindly agreed to lend me a helping hand: my wife! She is a brilliant woman! She was captain of her Quiz Bowl team! She has more degrees than I do! She has never played Star Trek CCG! She does not know the core rules! She has never seen any of these cards!

Her answers are, as of April 1, 2024, the law of the game! I sent her an email with all the toughest rules questions, and, after a mere day of deliberation, she sent me back these incisive answers:

Q1. From a rules perspective, is Exocomp's gender determined by the picture?

A: Yes. Some gender decisions need to be made on gut feeling, and if you saw Exocomp and your gut did not say "that's my son!" please go see a gastroenterologist.

(She then added several additional, albeit legally extraneous, comments about how cute he is.)

Q2. Does an Assimilated Vessel (or a Planet Killer whenever it returns to the game) battle at [Univ]Nebula?

Treat Plague Ship

A: No. The Borg are powerful and all, but it's called a "Planet-killer" not a "Nebula-killer" for a reason.

Q3. Holoprogram: Cafe des Artistes: This card says it seeds on a facility with a Holodeck. So if I'm playing it on a DS9/ Terok Nor with a Holosuite, does it have to seed on the Holosuite? Or can it seed on ANY site? Or does it seed on the "facility" (DS9 or TN card) itself, and not a site? That is, can I seed this on Ops so I can have my romantic partners in Ops to keep Ops occupied in case my opponent wants to try to Commandeer the station?

A: Nooo, Star Trek is soooo strict about never letting holograms out of the holosuite, this is totally unbelievable from a flavor perspective. I mean, can you imagine? What's next, having a hologram as a main crewmember? Absurd.

Q4. If you encounter Tricyanate Poisoning and a card like Treat Plague Ship requires you to discard something, what happens?

A: I'm afraid this is another question that can only be answered by a gastroenterologist.

Q5. Do the limits on Atmospheric Ionization count...
a. ...the same personnel beaming up and down in the same turn twice?

Answer: Yes. Atmospheric ionization isn't Subway; you can't earn a freebie through frequent visits.

b. ...personnel or equipment beamed that turn but before it comes into play (e.g. if it downloaded with Scanner Interference)? Or personnel beamed via Pattern Enhancers? Or personnel beamed through the same Atmosphere Ionization moved with Dr. Q, Medicine Entity?

Answer: In no particular order: No, what, yes.

Dr. Q, Medicine Entity

c. ...captives?

Answer: Yes, unless the captive is wearing atmospheric-ionization-resistant restraints.

d. ...cards beamed in from a different location (e.g. Near-Wear Transport)?

Answer: It depends on what would better allow a separated A/B plot structure that episode.

Q6. If Commander Sonak and Dr. Selar are my only personnel in play, and they're put in stasis by the Whale Probe, may I still use Neuropressure Massage to draw two cards, etc?

A: "OOUUAAEEAOAAIEEIEEIOOUUAEEOEE" --whales, when I asked them.

(She informs me that she used an Official Online Whale Speech Translator to parse this answer, but she won't tell me where it is.)

Q7. Can a dual-personnel card be reported for duty on a ship played using Staging Ground? They are two personnel with the same affiliation, right?

A: No, they're two personnel who've been fused into one card due to a terrible transporter accident. Tuvix doesn't get to use the carpool lane.

Q8. Your [NA] Khan is present with your [Fed] Captain Spock on Planet Mudd. Khan has been turned into an android by Q-Type Android, the planet is currently a Planet of Galactic Peace, and Release This Pain is currently played on both of them. War Council is in play. Are Khan and Captain Spock compatible?

A. Yes.

I hope you're satisfied with those answers, because they are all legally binding today*! Happy first day of April!

*today and ONLY today. While supplies last. Void where prohibited. See store for details. Happy April Fool's Day.

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