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March Madness 2024 - The Results

by Charlie Plaine, Staff Writer

19th April 2024

Over the course of 63 votes, you have cut the original field of 64 cards down to a final winner. 2024 First Edition March Madness has drawn to a close as we crown a new victor. Before we get announce the winner, let's announce the final 1E borderless promo winner from last week's poll: vorpman@hotmail.com. Congrats; your random First Edition borderless promo will ship to you as soon as our warehouse gets back up and running. With that out of the way, let's take at the results from the Championship:

Final 4
(1) 98th Rule of Acquisition put an end to (9) Admiral Willrich's upset streak, winning 48-40.

Congrats to the 98th Rule of Acquisition, which will be pulled out of the cut file and placed into an upcoming expansion. The card will go through testing again, so changes are likely - and don't worry, we will be asking for your thoughts on what to do with the championship card. In the mean time, we encourage you to join the discussion on our Gameplay (1E) forum to share your thoughts on what you liked about this year's game, and what you would like to see changed for future years.

All of us here at the Department of First Edition thank you for participating in March Madness 2024!

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